Earlier this morning we posted lots of new Black Ops 2 MP details! We asked the fans on twitter if they had any questions, and we have been answering like crazy! But here is a list of the most popular questions and answers:

Q: Any new info on ELITE for Black Ops 2?
A: We didn’t get any info on ELITE. News coming soon though.

Q: Any information on Camos?
A: Camos can now be applied to Primary, Pistols, Equipment, and Assault Shields. There were about 10-11 camos available. Carbon Fiber and Gold are the hardest to achieve.

Q: Will previous games prestige give prestige tokens in Black Ops 2 MP?
A: They have not confirmed or denied this. Unlikely but still unknown.

Q: How is the hit detection?
A: Similar to Black Ops 1.

Q: Do weapon camo take 1 of your 10 points?
A: NO. Camos do NOT take a point away.

Q: Any pictures of the prestige emblems?
A: We cannot show what they look like, sorry. They look EPIC though.

Q: Are custom reticles returning?
A: Yes. Some funny ones too! (Mustache)

Q: Are the original 4 zombies characters returning?
A: Yes, but not playable in TranZit. However they will be present in “some form”.

Q: How was the lag issues?
A: We cannot answer that because we played in LAN matches.

Q: Where can we play Party Games?
A: Party Games are available only in Private matches.

Q: What is your favorite part about Black Ops 2 Multiplayer?
A: Pick-10 system. By far the best addition.

Q: Are MOABs or game ending nukes returning?
A: Hell no.

  • “Q: How is the hit detection?
    A: Similar to Black Ops 1.” Noooo, does that mean curving bullets like in Black Ops 1?

    • Timothy_Finder

      i didn’t notice the hit detection in black ops 1. people are too picky

      • The Flash

        same i had no trouble with that but massively in mw3, dont know why people are cancelling over such a small issue

        • De_nylon_badmuts

          because it makes the game unplayable and super frustrating, MW3 and BO1 were like that and i don’t want to spend 80 euro for a game which only increases my blood pressure instead of giving me a fun time

      • Chris Harford

        agreed. I had no problems with BO1, sure there were a few times i ran around a corner and still died from someone. But compared to the shitstorm that is mw3? Ill take BO1 hit detection anyday.

      • dango man

        you gotta be crazy not to notice that kind of hit detection….a hit detection is a must its a major fundamental that every FPS shooter needs.

      • dango man

        your crazy to not notice that kinda hit detection…if you dont have hit detection then you dont have a FPS…its the most important fundamental every FPS needs.

    • Ac

      Hit detection of black ops 1 was the WORST EVER EVER HIT DETECTION OF THE ENTIRE FRANCHISE

  • there’s no need to be rude saying hell no just rude

    • Zarky

      He answered the question. Not their fault you took it the wrong way

    • I’m thinking that was more like, this is a Treyarch game, what you thinking asking that question, type of answer

    • LOL I was trying to be funny. Sorry dude.

    • Actually. Im not sorry. I started to hate nukes and moabs when people started cheating to get them. Great idea that was abused. But Im not sure how you thought that was rude? LOL

    • Dankinane

      grow a pair thinking that is rude he said that because they ruin the game!!! duhh. and only fags would like them in the game

  • Mitchell

    While the Black Ops 1 style hit detection is pretty concerning, what really gets me is that Party games are private only, some of the best fun I had in BO1 was cheesing randoms in Sticks and Stones. If I’m honest, that’s more disappointing than the probably horrible hit detection we’re gonna get.

    Good to see that the original zombie crew will be here somewhere, whether it be in a playable capacity in survival or story characters in Tranzit (or whatever they end up going with).

    Thanks for the info.

    • Mitchell

      Just thinking about this now, I swear there was an achievement for winning 10 matches in the ‘party game playlists’, that would imply there would be some kind of matchmaking option would there not?

    • The Flash

      i know im annoyed about that but apparently you can have bots in private match so not all bad

  • Luke merlet

    are u able to unlcok everything if u done prestige or stop prestiging?

    • Ascending_Legend

      you have to prestige a minimum once to get all the stuff i think.

      • Luke merlet

        okay thanks mate

  • Neil

    Gents, any news on the controls? I use legacy southpaw – tactical for all COD games and for some reason IW decided to swap the sticks (xbox) for MW3 and it took hours to get used to it. Any ideas if there are any changes with Black Ops 2?

    • I don’t think they got to see that.

  • Stevetaylor1981

    Blops 1 hit detection prob the same awful lag comp all this innovation and league play is a waste of time if they failed to fix the core faults of black ops

    • Ac

      Totally agree!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ascending_Legend

    At least the old zombie guys are back, i kind of knew they were coming back but when the trailer for zombies showing some new guys everyone freaked out but they have to remember that the old guys are still stuck on the moon

  • LivingEC

    Are they keeping that nice touch where it shows your rank in past CoD games? I kinda liked it :3

  • sam

    Thank you.

  • Durp

    Q: How is the hit detection?
    A: Similar to Black Ops 1.

    Preorder canceled.

    • Ac

      Pre order canceled, no hope left bo2 will suck. The hit detection is bad even in System link

  • Timothy_Finder

    two things:
    2. if you spend an unlock token to unlock something and you prestige will you have to use another token to use it again?

    • Nighthawk_0430

      Most likely not, it will probably be like MW3, where if you unlocked something, you carried it all the way through

  • De_nylon_badmuts

    Q: How is the hit detection?
    A: Similar to Black Ops 1.

    if its as bad as the first one this game will be out in a month, hype cut in half here…

    • Ac

      If it was bad like BO1 them the game will suck

    • The Flash

      it wasnt even that bad in BO1 but in MW3 dont get me started

      • De_nylon_badmuts

        I don’t agree, BO1 hit detection is just as bad as MW3, if after 2 games where there has been plenty of criticism about the issue they still don’t have it fixed or at least improved I won’t play this game for long, the thought of the same hit detection, possible lag compensation, and the usual lag combined makes me worried about this game, I even see problems within the video’s above and they play on LAN ffs

        if they not have fixed/improved those issues all there balancing, tweaking and improvements are for nothing

      • G4MR

        Getting it on the PC 🙂

    • It’s similar to BO1, but improved. Wait till Nov 13 till making any decisions.

      • De_nylon_badmuts

        i will still buy this game on release no doubt, but if it’s really improved as you say ( you played it i presume ) i hope it turns out well then, i think when i say this game stands or falls with how decent the net code is people cannot disagree

  • In black ops 2, is the noob tube weak like in MW3 or is it like previous cod games?

    • Ac

      There´s no noobtube´s in BO2

      • The Flash

        yes they are in there and no info on that yet but they will be back

        • Who’s your source?

          • Campfoot

            There Are some gameplays on the internet showing all the itens from Bo2 Create a Class AND the noobtube is there and also we have the war machine!

          • The Flash

            my source is on this website under multiplayer details

  • Afd

    What about custom color of custom reticle?

  • Ac

    RT:Black ops 1 hit detection. Pre order canceled fuck you nuketown 2025. And kill confirmed will be only playable in private matches fuck!

    • Chris Harford

      Dude we get it. Youre such a funny and good troll. Stop responding to EVERY comment about how the game is going to suck and how you canceled your pre order.

    • HUH? Kill Confirmed is a Public Match. Party Games are private match. Read the post carefully.

  • Vanguard_warrior

    You guys really played the Game? Because all these new stuffs you posted was seen in other sites… And it looks like a lie…

  • Korflock

    Q: How is the hit detection?
    A: Similar to Black Ops 1.


  • Everyone discussing upon hit detection – it is similar to BO1 way, but improved over all. Don’t judge how it is till you get a chance to play.

    • zac hammo

      yes u r definetly right if u had not played the game than dont complain

  • manB3ARpig

    Party Games ONLY available in Private matches?!?!? WTF
    That is lame and a huge let down. Anyone else upset about that?

  • BulletImperium

    Maybe you guys have terrible internet or are just looking for an excuse as to why you are missing shots. Hit detection has been fine for me on Black Ops 1 since release and I’m on PS3. The only times I have had issues on MW3 with hit detection is when I am host.

  • Www Deadlychunk

    when i play split-screen multiplayer, the screen will be full or there will be black Rectangles on the left side and the right side of the screen

  • Fraqmentation

    Q: Are the original 4 zombies characters returning?
    A: Yes, but not playable in TranZit. However they will be present in “some form”.

    Tower of Babble (75G) – In TranZit, obey the voices. Do you think the original crew has something to do with this (Dempsey, Takeo, Nikolai and Samantha)?

  • Dwadester397

    can you play offline with the bots and unlock things

  • Djamel-611

    is there pack-a-punch

  • mr jones

    what is the new weapon the gun like the wonderwaffle and thundergun

  • anonymous

    i play on ps3 and with black ops 1 treyarch patched in the horrible hit detection (worse than xbox, i wonder why?). i hope treyarch isn’t as biased against ps3 players this year

  • Josafat_1175

    is there any other confirmed info on any other maps or gamemodes in zombies?

  • Rich_manigault

    is there local multiplayer bots

  • David Payne

    is infected from mw3 back

  • Solo Wing

    Q: Where can we play Party Games?
    A: Party Games are available only in Private matches.

    Misleading. They are available in Public. I believe you have to complete 10 Public Party Matches to get “Party Animal” Achievement/Trophy.