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We were lucky enough to be part of the David Vonderhaar developer session at Eurogamer which was great to experience. Vonderhaar started off by introducing himself and how he’s been in the gaming industry for 20+ years and how he started off as a developer. David also gave some important advise, “If you want a to even be consider being a developer at Treyarch, go and get a degree in computer science”.

He then went on to show us how a map is created and what programs they are made on. The Black Ops 2 map Cargo was used as an example and he showed us the stages it went through in order to get the final product. What most people don’t know about the map “Cargo” is that before the finished the final product there was actually a rather big “Cargo Ship” on the map that players would be able to climb on, but sadly it was removed. David then showed us how they program guns stats, from Power all the way to “Auto, Burst or Single Fire” it seemed the easiest part of making Black Ops 2 as it was simply adjusting some values.

The session then went onto to discuss the developtment of the new Create A Class system. It went through many different changes just to get to the “Pick 10 System”. It first started of as “100,000 Create a Class” which was basically you had 100,000 points to spend on whatever you want but everything had a different class. He explained this wasn’t used as it would seem guns were more “Overpowered”, the new “Pick 10 System” allowed for easier weapon balancing so it was chosen.

The show came to a close with the crowd being shown the Prestige Emblems of Black Ops 2. Some of which you may recognize and some you may not. We found out that once a person has hit the max prestige at the max level then that person is rewarded a new emblem of “The Prestige Master”… that image is still classified intel though!

  • ??anonymous??

    What? prestige master? I though it was the prestige 10 awesome emblem

  • Adam Nord

    Does anyone have info on what programs they use to make the levels. This article clearly states that it was revealed, however nothing is actually stated. I live in the U.S.of A so there was no way for me (a normal dude) to go the Eurogamer. Any info would be appreciated. Since this is my eventual goal after college, I’d like to know what they use.

    • Lolwut

      They use proprietary programs. He did name some of them, but I can’t remember them now.

  • MOEW

    If “The Prestige Master” is as awesome as it sounds I know I will definitely cream when I get that

    • Shadowking58

      Prestige Master = JIZZ FEST

    • imaGOAT

      thats awesome dude i tried it its amazing i think i already know what to choose thanks bro

  • x lExquisite

    If I had to guess, in order to get the prestige master emblem you will have to get alot of xp from being 10th level 55 to ending xp as in going from level 30-31 with weapons….Like a shit ton