German Call of Duty forum’s “” have just developed a web based ‘Pick-10 class creator’ for you to play around in. It’s a great way to experiment and see what the Pick-10 system is about. Create your class and see what different combinations you can come up with.

Unfortunately you cant make forum signatures with it, but its still fun to play around in. You can access it HERE.

SOURCE: Via @BlackHawkLex

  • Thx for testing our class creator, hope you’ve found your favourite kickass-class! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Macrox25

      I really like it. You did a really great job on this. One point of criticism though is that i can select attachments which are not possible for that type of gun. Like long barrel on a sniper or rapid fire on a shotgun. But for the rest it works like a charm. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Silenced RPG

        A lot of class creators are like that – digital warfare ones for example.. but donยดt worry, if you have a brain and know that a silencer doesnยดt go on a crossbow for example, then you should be alright..

        • Macrox25

          Yeah i know it was just a suggestion. And it’s probably mostly due to the fact that i am a programmer and i know that it’s possible ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Gatlin Weyer

      I think I found a favorite, now only if I could test it.

    • Aaron Quin

      Could you make it possible to compare the gun stats as well and for the attachment to modify the power of the gun e.g select suppressor and the range is decreased.

  • Istalkyourmom


  • Aaron Quin

    Here’s my class setup:

    • zac hammo

      mp7 is just for the faggots cant get a kill will other guns !!!!!!!

      • De_nylon_badmuts

        and you know that how ?? by playing MW3 ? different game different stats, maybe try to think first in the future before posting and calling other people faggots…

        • zac hammo

          well the mp7 will not be the best gun i still believe the MSMC will be the best smg in call of duty black ops 2 and go the assault rifles cant wait to use SMR MTAR and M27

        • zac hammo

          and by the way u think your so good u can go just use the mp7 have fun with that piece of shit gun

  • PrimeEchoes

    The “Done” button doesnt work ๐Ÿ™

  • CJ Dayum

    My set-up:

    • ??anonymous??

      Your setup suck hard

      • Durp

        Then post yours bud.

  • Rossie0411

    brilliant the only problem is that if you select the crossbow you can select dual weild

    • Macrox25

      Dual wield crossbows! F**K YEAH! ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Random

        Man, my RPG with silencer and tac knife could pwn your dual weild bows any day. lololol

    • Declan

      i bet you its lies bro

  • hopscotch

    how do you post it?

  • lMattW

    I thought the secondary gunfighter wildcard gave you 2 attachments on your secondary. The site shows 3:

    • Finnguy86

      It does, it shows 3 attachments since you can take overkill and 3 attachments for your second primary, I was confizzled too at first ๐Ÿ˜›

      • silencer2000

        I think even with overkill, it might still only be two attachments. Not totally sure though.

  • evilmonkey

    i think their are some problems with it it gave me the option to put noob tubes( grenade launchers) on a shotgun

  • Daniel

    Where’s the TAR21?

    • zac hammo

      the mtar is the tar 21 idiot

  • Metalgearsolidman1

    Hell yeah! According to this I can dual wield SMAWs with tac knives!

  • Been playing with this for a while! It’s awesome! Can’t wait for the release..

  • Devin Wolfe

    um yes you can snip it out upload to a website then paste in your sig

  • Colby5123

    it doesnt have the ballistic knife

  • Declan043