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Microsoft has officially revealed their custom built Black Ops 2 Xbox 360. The only way to get one is by winning one of the 20 made in a contest. The contest begins on Oct 10th, and details will be coming from @Xbox on twitter.

“Win a Call of Duty: Black Ops II custom Xbox 360 console, 1 of only 20 in the world (not available at retail). Head over to Twitter.com/xbox at 9am PST next Wednesday October 10th to learn how to win exclusively through Xbox Swagfest!”

This custom Xbox console will not be available at retail.


  • Lolwut

    Not a patch on that guy’s PS3 you posted.

  • MOEW


  • Simsdaniel10

    You lost me at, “not available at retail”

  • ORB1T4L

    If I can’t get it, then I just don’t care, seriously, making news for the masses but showing us something we can never get ? What’s the point ? I’m a C.I. fan AND enjoyer but WTF is this ? Victor, seriously, you show us something we will never have in our living room ? I seriously don’t get it, bro ! :/

    • Lolwut

      Odd thing to say. Do you turn on Fox News and get mad when they report on wars and murders because you can’t do it?


    US only? sucks that the other black ops comp they did the other day was US only, we get had off just like last year with the double xp thing. I hate the way they alienate there fans.

  • once again, others around the world miss out on this opportunity, due to Microsoft being lazy and only letting Americans participate! What a racist world we live in today!

    • Durp

      Racism has nothing to do with this at all, idiot.

      But being American just makes us more privileged than others.