Kotkin Enterprise has announced a brand new video gaming controller named ‘Delta Six’. According to Kotkin “Delta Six, a hybrid motion controller designed to enhance performance and create a more immersive experience on titles like Call of Duty Black Ops 2.”

The Delta Six has an built in accelerometer, which means it can be played with “any game and distance and calibration is not a factor in playing.”

“When David Kotkin presented this invention, I was excited to be included on such an innovative project.We made a fps simulation controller that is preferred over the standard controller. Our vision is to bridge the gap between motion control and Hardcore First Person Shooters. For the first time a Call of Duty player will feel more immersed in game-play and have more control over the game than ever before. The only way to get more real is to enlist” said David Kotkin, owner and inventor of the Avenger Elite.”

According to Kotkin this gun is made for adult’s 21 and older, not for anyone younger. This will be available for $89.00.

Watch the video above to see it in action with MW3.

SOURCE: Engadget

  • MOEW

    I just think this looks dumb. I mean, it’s a cool idea and all but I would never ever, ever! use that thing. It’s too impractical.

  • Abeeson20

    Waste of money. Better to put that $89 towards a better set of Turtle Beaches.

  • YetiHashWan

    that article gave me cancer

  • Awesomersaurusmaximus


  • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

    would quickscoping be easier… lol im not buying this.. i like my ps3 urban camo controller 😀

  • lol, adding and taking off the silencer on the gun, wont do anything

  • Hope kids don’t get there hands on this, could cause some problems…

  • James K

    One giant gimmick. You must be either have money to burn, a hardcore hardcore shooter fan, a fool, or all of the above.

  • Cell

    C’mon! get yourself a woman!!

  • A Nintendo Gamer

    WiiU gamers don’t need this. They already have the Zapper :p

  • Gumeshoe

    Wow. If your going to post an advertisement, at least be up front about it. How is this better than a controller? So Instead of pushing a button to reload I actually have to reload a gun. Really making me a better player here.

  • Jweavwashere

    Much better investment to buy a real gun, and keep the controller. The wii zapper was fun and all, but not ideal for gaming on multiplayer, which is basically all i do

  • Gagehorne23

    What systems is this for!?

  • Roxas3510

    This looks pretty cool. Obviously it’s not supposed to make you play any better or be the go to choice besides the standard controller, come on guys. It’s a gimmick, something for people to just have fun and play around with. Hell if I wanted to waste 90 bucks on it I would just for the fun of it.

  • Folk78

    For all the people who are hating a new type of way to play console games, stop hating when you guys have never used it. It just makes you guys sound so lame. Do some research on it first instead of judging on a picture or video…All these talks about wanting games to be more realistic but when a guy like Mr. Kotkin invents something like the Delta Six to meet that desires of gamers out there…you guys shoot it down the drain…or just because it’s not from the “big” gaming companies. Ask yourself one question, are there any companies like Microsoft, Sony, and whoever out there trying to listen to the consumers, taking any gamers seriously, answering your emails, or whatever to make gaming more enjoyable. None… I myself is disabled with Muscular Dystrophy and people like myself have stories to tell about how hard it is to play console and PC games but aren’t able to play at 100%. We write to the “big” companies out there for help on the matter…help to invent a controller for the disabled. But we never heard anything or even a response from the emails sent. I have done it and do you know what types of response I got when they did answer, “Tough luck.” So basically, they can’t spend a bit of money and time for the disabled. I have emailed Mr. Kotkin and explained my predicament. I have gotten a response in a few hours upon sending out my email. Mr. Kotkin is willing to spend his time, energy and money to help develop accessories to help the disabled to play video games like normal people. Mr. Kotkin is creating different ways for gamers to play with his own creations with in mind of the gamers themselves. I don’t see any new creations from the “big” companies or any haters out there doing anything about it. He is brave enough to change that. I cannot physically play CoD anymore on console controllers…guys like Mr. Kotkin who is creating accessible accessories for us…advancements…for the normal and the disabled.

    • caloge

      Mr. Kotkin, is that you? I have seen this same exact rant posted on a couple of sites who reported on this toy gun. For what its worth I hope tons of people pick it up… I will be waiting to here them all complain on the interwebs about how they cant believe how badly they are getting stomped.

      prediction: average K/D for Delta Six user = 0.3

  • Prodigyeliteclan

    Is it for the ps3?

  • guest

    Really ? some guy has to be 18 to own an airsoft gun, but 21 to own a friggin videogame controller. Hmmm… Seems legit

    • guest

      Probably just a gimmick for 10-13 year olds who play rated M games to buy it.

  • theTF141clan

    SO BUYING THIS!!! And then using it to play GTAV!!! 😉

  • Zeph

    That’s sweet so getting it

  • Lol at all the haters. This looks awesome. The way I see it is games are meant to be fun. So if a company makes a new controller that is fun to use, then I am definitely buying it. If you play games and your mindset is just “WIN WIN WIN K/D K/D K/D” then you are a loser, plain and simple.