The EB Games Expo 2012 is currently under way in Sydney Australia . Check out this 23 minute video to see an interview with Treyarch’s Director of Communications John Rafacz
(@jrafacz) and all new gameplay!

SOURCE: GameSpot Via @killeralltime

  • Robert Trolling


    • Treyarch

      LOL GTFO your game fucking sucks

  • Bigmikethebossx

    Why is that Asian guy there? i guess that they really needed someone to give awkward facial expressions the whole time.

  • xXZ-ROXx

    the guy playing sucks ass… anyone on the online community can do better

    • Dean

      Given the fact he got several multi-kills and is playing the objective, he’s already better than 80% of the community.

  • Sorse

    wooo i went there 🙂