Here are the rumored final pre-order bonuses if you head over to GameStop and reserve Black Ops 2. We say rumored because Gamestop’s page hasnt been updated yet but this was supposedly released via Facebook. Looks legit to us. Is it what you were expecting?

-Multiplayer Player Card Background
-Land,Sea, and Air Adventure Sweepstakes Entry
-Kawasaki Sweepstakes Entry


UPDATE: Confirmed via Gamestop’s pre-order page.

UPDATE 2: Looks like we’ll also be getting some Double XP the weekend after BO2 releases (Thanks @ShadowKnight104 )



  • Gatlin Weyer

    Seriously? Two contest things? For half of the pre-order bonuses? That’s just stupid. I hope that multiplayer card background is exclusive.

    • Finnguy86

      Some people will just hack it in I quess..

    • The Flash

      nahh the mp player card background will probs be the one in CEs

  • affliction4

    Meh i think its kind of dumb tbh…i know someone will win the big stuff but for everyone else it is a waste if they dont win.

  • God

    Not what I was expecting. It is actually rather lame.


    I still ahave 2:45 (2 hrs, 45 mins) on my counter…

  • Nighthawk_0430

    Disappointed in this, was expecting something from Zombies, considering they are doing the Zombie Bus all this week. Guess I’ll take the Multiplayer Card Background, it looks cool

  • MOEW

    This is a kick in the nuts to every person who preordered the first day possible (including me). I thought the preorder bonuses would actually be worthwhile things but the best one was the poster and for preordering that far in advance you think we would get something cool but these last two things have been absolute shit. And even Nuketown 2025 is included in the hardened edition so really there was no real reason to preorder the regular edition so far in advance.

    • Guy

      Nuketown 2025 is in the regular edition. Nuketown zombies is in the hardened.

  • Cook

    This isn’t a rumour, if you head to GameStops twitter account and read their most recent tweet it gives you a link to the page this is from.


    The Double XP thing is unfair for the people that live outside of the US! It should be for everybody

    • The Flash

      no the double XP is for everyone who pre-orders or gets NT 2025, if you have got NT 2025 you will get access to the double XP its not exclusive to gamestop, check the COD page on NT 2025

      • The Flash

        on COD website

  • Roxas3510

    I’m trying to select the player card and it keeps telling me I’ve already chosen that land sea air sweepstakes, is that happening to anyone else? Also, they should stop with the sweepstakes and offer in game stuff for the pre order bonuses so people actually get something and not just a chance to win something.

    • Bpitt94

      mine says the same thing

    • XxAztecaxX89

      i did choose the player card and i didnt get that.

      • Paulsurel

        Are you dumb Its For Black Ops Two

  • Fionn Mcfadden

    why aren’t the sweepstakes available in Europe

  • Serve

    I tried to select the player card and it said the same thing to me…you have already selected the land, sea and air sweepstakes.

    I think it’s because I selected the Treyarch studio trip on the last wave. which happens to be the second offer.

    So, maybe that’s the reason why but I’m not 100% sure.

  • Serve


    I posted that last comment before trying again on the Gamestop website and I was able to choose the player card this time.

    So, maybe it was just a glitch or something.

    Anywho, Go ahead and try it again and you should be able to choose it.