Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward’s 3 year old mega-hit game of 2009, is gaining a lot of attention recently. A fan-favorite map “Favela” was removed from all playlists due to a picture frame containing religious concerns against Muslims.

According to Infinity Ward, they are working as quickly and hard as possible to get this fixed, and put the map back in the rotation. ATVI sent Kotaku a comment saying:

We apologize to anyone who found this image offensive. Please be assured we were unaware of this issue and that there was no intent to offend. We are working as quickly as possible to remove this image and any other similar ones we may find from our various game libraries.

We are urgently working to release a Title Update to remove the texture from Modern Warfare 3. We are also working to remove the texture from Modern Warfare 2 through a separate Title Update. Until the TU is ready, we have removed the Favella multiplayer map from online rotation.

Activision and our development studios are respectful of diverse cultures and religious beliefs, and sensitive to concerns raised by its loyal game players. We thank our fans for bringing this to our attention.

Here’s the original video that sparked the controversy:

SOURCE: Kotaku


    why would you be even bothered, why go around reading all the pictures? scanning everthing…. theres better things to do like play the game instead of looking for reasons to get pissed off.

    • -[pRo]-Tred

      OHH shit,Some people burned our holy book and nobody did shit about it , they insult our prophet ! again nobody did a shit about it . and now you making a big deal of a pic in a 3 years old game nobody plays it except 15 years old people WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE !?. Now to the poster : here is thing son ( I’m a Muslim ) unless you are Imam stop being a shit bag acting like you know all about it now go back to your gamers world . rest of you kids stop trashing about stuff that you don’t know ! …. btw i use to play that map on pRo No Bullshit sever but this is the first time i see this Oo

  • TheRealZeroy

    Better yet – why do it now? The game has been out some 3 years? I dont think its a coincidence; Aside from that it was an easy mistake by IW level Designer, especially if you cant read Arabic…

  • Nikzvby

    No offence but isnt it always the muslims who get butthurt when someone says something about their religion, just fucking chill its a game and as Pete said, who the hell goes around and checks every painting in the game lol

    • Ray’

      I’m a muslim, but I must say that I agree with you, some people take this shit far too seriously, but I just hope you don’t think that some of the idiots that come out complaining actually represent the majority because they don’t.

      • Nikzvby

        I dont think that man, a huge part of the muslims on the internet dont have anything against it, on the internet religion doesnt matter. And i think it shouldnt matter IRL either. we’re people. But from what ive seen u can talk about everyone’s religion ‘cept Islam since if u do u are “hating on them” according to most islamic people i know

        • Ray’

          Again, I completely agree with you, I hate the way certain angry negative muslims get their views heard over the peaceful ones, I for one knew about this painting for a while now but didn’t see the fuss, I would personally like to think that if a christian or Hindu saw something in a game that offended them that they could then make complaints similarly to the way muslims have

          • the 2 dumbasses bellow dont have any friends outside they’re religion…………

  • Dean

    Hell, if that entices them to fix this “issue”, we should rave about how Commando and OMA/DC tubes are offensive to our religions.

    • Ray’


  • Mark

    I wonder what Infinity Ward would do if this was any other religion?

    • Pvmlzan

      I’m not sure how many religions would be upset from quotes from their god on a picture frame in a bathroom -__-

  • x lExquisite


  • Blackopsplayer05

    That is ridiculous. What a joke of a religion. I’m pretty sure no other religion would get mad at that besides these terrorist Muslims. USA should bomb the mid east.

    • Ray’

      As a muslim, I’m sorry that some people just cannot seem to get along well with others, I only hope you do not judge all muslims based on bad experiences

      • JoseB88

        Just ignore him. He’s just some redneck hypnotized by the bush administration as well as some lunatic republican that’s on TV right now. They say that all religions are bad except Christianity and that everyone in the Middle East are considered terrorist. True story

    • James K

      USA should bomb the middle east?

      Stop being brainwashed by the media extremists and get your head out your ass.

    • Jack

      sir u are a disgrace to this world

    • NC514

      calm down you stereotypical asshole. not all muslims are terrorists…in fact a low percentage

  • Woodysgamertag

    they can fix that but cant fix one man army? fuck IW fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you give me my money back you bitches

  • Hockey_hoop

    Are you fucking kidding me???? It’s a god damn 3 year old game and you find this out now and have it removed??? Fuck this infinity ward won’t fix fucking spawns from the game that’s out last year put they will take a map out to fix a religious guy who’s butt hurt over this shit? Fuck you and fuck your religion

  • David Long

    I’m sure he didn’t go around reading all the pictures and likely found it by chance, I mean the game has been out for almost 3 years.
    sure people will argue its BS, blah blah, but the fact is that it’s not appropriate. if this was the other way around we would all be complaining.
    I think the youtuber dealt with it appropriately. He didn’t blame IW and simply asked for an apology and for change.
    I’m glad to see that IW is taking it seriously and is changing the map.

  • Ray’

    I’m a muslim, I agree with the Petes comment, but I also want to say I am very grateful to infinity ward as a studio, they have my respect, the fact that they rectified the mistake even though the game is now very old

    • I do not approve

      you always start of with saying”I`m a Muslim (nothing wrong with that ) just curious.

  • SemtexReflex

    I don’t know why people get offended so easily..IT’S A GAME! Just play the game rather than read stupid pictures. I also love the end of the video when he says the Islamic gaming community will boycott future products…as if that’s gonna do anything…These fucking idiots take things so seriously, Jesus! <—- see what I did there??

    • Ray’

      I’m a muslim and would just like to say I was NOT offended by this and I sure as Hell will NOT be BOYCOTTING BLACK OPS 2

      • I do not approve

        you foolish person it sounds like you are just trying to be like everyone else (always trying to reassure everyone you do not feel offended) if you are upset about speak the truth ,but I am not saying that this is true you could not feel offended if you don’t give a dam good for you (friendship is powerful ( the last statement is not true

  • Shankorshivgaming

    SO stupid. If It had “I love god” all over it, I’d be so happy.

  • danreeges

    They fix this but not OMA Noobtubes?? Fuck sake!

  • Suvacodecobra79

    i pay for my game i want my map and f….k all Muslims

    • STFU you judge a WHOLE religion just by a butthurt motherfucker whos mad about some stupid ass pic??? wow i’m a muslim so im offended BOTH from this comment and the article (not im mad about it, but butthurt about a pic? really?) so be good and either delete that comment or just shut up im not replying anymore so goodbye ^^
      btw dat comment by Deereerere is also a comment i disgust but too lazy 2 reply

  • Fox16

    Its simple, Activision products + Boycott = the lose of $$$. Is all about business! They don’t want to lose money!

  • Korflock

    Un-fucking believable.
    There’s a difference between religious intolerance and getting completely offended by any little thing.
    There is an immense amount of slandering to the Christian ‘religion’ in movies, video games, and music, but do Christians bitch about it?

    So sit down, shut the fuck up, play the game, and stop getting so damn butt-hurt about a damn video game.

  • Boss302

    Ok, can Infinity Ward patch the noob Tubes in OMA while they’re at it then!!!!!!!

  • Cojo280

    It is a simple solution, If I.W. will go to such lengths to fix a three year old game because someone is offended, then I want a refund on all the I.W. games I have bought in the last six years because I am offended also and vow not to purchase anymore titles that I.W. puts out. The only ways to get problems solved with companies that are so large is not purchase any of their up and coming titles……spread the word!!!!!!

  • Deereerere

    Honestly, the Islamic religion disgusts

  • Junior

    how is it offensive what does it say in muslim?

  • Pvmlzan

    wow. Who the fuck would think that those words in a bathroom would offend people. Muslims act like everyone should know everything about their religion. The words on the frame weren’t offensive, so how do you expect AMERICANS to know?

  • Cowboys2218

    I can’t believe there making a big deal out of it, the game has been out for three years and now they complain. Who ever looked at that picture? I mean they shot black people but you dont see them complaining about it.BUT be aware they do say in the beginning of the game when you first but in the game ( they well be some parts in the game that well make you fell uncomfortable) so if ypu read that then stop complaining ,its three years old already so who cares wow some pictures that say some good things and their getting mad ok-_-

  • Gnicholls44

    Find out who you can’t offend and find out who controls you, jut saying. If this was most other religions or other people group nothing would happen… Nothing against them though

  • It took them 3 years to notice this? This is pretty stupid, I think whenever we have these ‘religious issues’ they need to take ‘intent’ into account… there was no malice behind this it appears.

  • Jj

    LOL… Religion! :rolleyes:

    • :stare: no religion? LIFESTYLE ACCEPTED ^^ (im muslim)

  • Ed

    you aren’t allowed to put a quote in a bathroom? pure silliness.

  • Finnguy86

    Favela in Modern Warfare 3?

    • I do not approve


  • Who ever put that there should be prosecuted and burned! I’m not a Muslim, but I do have respect for ALL religions, and that’s just… well… insulting and f**king annoying
    PS: give IW hell for what they did, but don’t cut their games, plz?

  • These guys need to stop getting so fucking butthurt over something so tiny, they killed someone over a video just because he was from the same country as the author…. -_-

    • and guise stop being racist, if you judge the entire middle east for this, then they can judge the entire US for the killings the soldiers do.

  • Jozef

    its a game dammit
    i respect religion but it’s 18+ game
    if u find it somehow offensive dont buy it

  • zac hammo

    osama just quit your complaining u just a bastard 🙂

  • kurzy

    Typical, if you say one word about Islam they want to rip your fucking head off. I don’t mean to marginalize all Muslims because I am friends with quite a few because I live in a very multicultural part of Canada. I believe all religions are evil and I don’t believe they bring any good to this world. I think this is stupid because these people have to ruin my gaming experience and it had to be the one map that I actually liked in Modern Warfare 2. It seems to me that if these people have such a faith that they are right than, shouldn’t they be certain that we will all be punished in the end so why the fuck do they care? Sounds to me that they are a bit uncertain if they have to attack those who have a different opinion on certain matters. Seriously if one little picture pisses you off that much than just stop playing and don’t ruin everybody’s gaming experience. And if you want people to respect your faith don’t attack everybody’s conflicting beliefs. You wouldn’t see me bitching and complaining if someone posted something making Richard Dawkins look gay or make him look stupid. Now I will probably get bitched at just for making this so I will not respond. Good bye.

  • Anon

    It’s against my religion to give into people who have nothing better to do with their lives than to look at the smallest print ever put ina game. Maybe the muslims who found this will kill an ambassador… oh wait that already happened… and they say Islam is a religion of peace, a laughable gesture.

    • Azim289377

      im a muslim and yeah i guess the middle east lied about da whole ‘OUR RILIGION IZ PEAZE SO STFU AND KEEP QUIET’ tbh i kinda agree to kill da middle east cause they sorta emberrased islam 😛

  • ===

    Honestly, suck it the fuck up


    i dident hear the Russians complain when there airport got shot up.

    • Mkasbw

      Everyone should take this comment for example, holy shit everyone is so butthurt.

  • MuslimzForever

    Guys. It’s just a game, you dont need to bomb the mid east, cuz of a fucking game!?
    Dude thats so mean, and stop saying that about us muslims -.-

    • DemocratsFTW

      Nah, that guy is just a Republican. Those assholes are retarted, The only person who actually respects their opinions is Bush.

  • Liam

    I love the fact its taken you at least 3years to spot the image or racist remarks, however its just a game really, i think its been taken little over the top. and that muslims need to get a life its only a game lol

  • R2d2medez

    ok how ever beleves in god and is saying bad things about all this shame on you and how ever dose not shut the fuck up cuz you have no say in all this ok get a life im sorry if some thing bad happend to you and you were praying to god and he did not answer your praers im sorry but saying bad thing about all this is rong and thows how belive in god you need to go and pray more and ask god for forgivnes, and for the muslimes how coment to fight for ther religian and are not part of a tarist grope keep on fighting to clear your names.

  • BO2Freak267

    Support for MW2? Thank you infinity ward for actually taking care of your old games!

  • A_

    Where is the comment report button?
    Why isn’t there one?!
    Stupid idiots, knowing nothing, yet daring to speak! >:(

  • TomatoJoe11

    Why can’t they remove n00b toobs? OMA? Commando? Glitches? That is offensive to me.

  • Ninja

    They look way to much into the game. The majority of people don’t go through picking games a part. It’s pointless and just enjoy the game and be more tolerant. It’s a damn game. I don’t care what your religion is, if something of my religion was in a bathroom I wouldn’t care. I would take that as a way they are describing the characters of the game. That is how the character is and should be understood in my opinion.

    Now, if they would of put your religions words on a toilet seat, I could see how that is definitely offensive and would even piss me off, but it was a picture frame. I can’t fathom how having religious words on a picture frame is disrespectful. Again its not like it was a toilet or a dumpster. lol

    • Ninja

      Also I have many different friends with different religions. I have friends that are Christian, Buddhist, Islamic, Muslim, and even though its not a religion, I have friends that are atheist.

  • Kseine

    Not saying that it was on purpose, but if your telling me the designers of this game are merely “copying and pasting” things and then just sticking them around the map on random then there’s an obvious problem with the games design department. Soooo…either way…it looks really bad on the game designers. Lose-Lose. Keep Religion out of GAMES! And then there wont be this problem.

  • Cool kid

    Maybe they didnt know its offensive…

  • Cool kid

    Lol when he said “there will be consequences for your actions”… I thought he was gonna say he’s gonna bomb infinity ward xD

  • Gnadalf

    Why not just remove the pictures from the walls instead of removing my favourite map? sigh

  • Pigusti

    Now, i’m not English, but i can understand it.. and according to what i understood this guy got angry just because there’s a Mohammed’s sentence above the WC?..
    I think this is crazy…

  • Tyler

    OMA Grenade Launching is offending my religion. So you should fix htat, too.

  • laooasdf

    LOL, biggest crap in world.