Call of Duty MW3 Season of Content is now over for the PS3 Premium members – with the release of the final 3 content drops. These 3 MP maps are available now for download via the MW3 MP Menu.

Multiplayer Maps:

  • Elite Drop 22: Gulch
  • Elite Drop 23: Boardwalk
  • Elite Drop 24: Parish

Call of Duty MW3 Collection 4 is available Oct 10th for PS3/PC

  • Cudds

    Did not download! lol


    This Content Drop Was Downloable On The 1st October

    • moriarty_1975

      They’ve been on the E.U store since 27th of September!

  • The Flash

    It’s October, MW3 is old news BO2 FTW

  • it not showing up on the store

  • Asdfasdf

    What the fuck! US cant download them… Peace of shit IW…

  • Shadowking58

    i swear if it wasn’t for this news post i would have forgotten about Elite
    but not mw3 because Money in the Denk is keeping it alive at the moment

  • Liamrd

    Australia cant download! not in ps store

  • Durp

    Well, I suppose better late than never.

    Hopefully Micro$oft will secure the next addons for Black Ops 2.

  • sweet…im def trying to get this pretty soon. i have a few airsoft guns from previous games and its just so fun playing with both.

  • caloge

    maps are all crap anyway.

  • Panda Kiko

    i cant find in ps store wtf