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Treyarch has released the first official image of Nuketown 2025!

“Nuketown 2025: Where past tense is future perfect.”

SOURCE: Black Ops 2 FB Page

  • Shadowking58



    i like they 70s future feel to it.

  • **Set as Wallpaper** **Close Browser**

  • Appears they’ve kept the same layout (assuming that’s the bus and that car at the back is the explodable car down the street. YES!

    • Ray’

      I get the feeling it will be a bit bigger than the original

  • Liam

    Nice very fallout-ish

  • Dcon92

    nuketown zombies

    • ??anonymous??


    • Adam Nord

      horribly faked. Come on dude, thats the worst photoshop job i’ve seen to date.

  • Arnaud Delby94

    A Friend think that is Universal Exposition from 2025

  • Aaron Quin


  • Hunterio13

    looks fucking beast!

  • shane

    To the guy saying it’s faked and badly photo shopped you’re a plonker it’s been confirmed that this IS nuketown 2025 so major fail with your apparent good eye for catching fakes ha