has updated their news page to drop the 7 Zombie Bus deliveries!

This is it! The bus is pulling into the depot – better grab that delivery before the undead beats you to it. Once the bus is gone, so are the goods.

“This here looks like it might be good for something.”

Remember guys, Treyarch has promised all new Zombie footage sometime this Friday Oct. 12th.


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“Missed the Drop”:

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DROP 2’s description:

Catch a ride on the bus and grab the latest delivery – you might just survive one more round.

“This should do, uh… somethin’!”

DROP 3’s description:

We’re pulling up to a new stop in Tranzit with another delivery for you.

Don’t get carried away with all this excitement!

”I wonder if this thing might fit with that other thing?”

DROP 4’s description:

Another piece to the inevitable zombie carnage puzzle is in place. Download it now before you’re kicking yourself that it’s gone.

“Yep, I know exactly what that is, absolutely!”

DROP 5’s description:

Walking across Tranzit is deadly, and repeatedly knife-killing every zombie is hard work!

Thankfully, the bus can help you with both – catch a ride on the bus in Call of Duty®: Black Ops 2 Zombies, and grab the latest delivery for intel on adding some variety to your zombie thrashing.

“This should be the capper for this thing!”

DROP 6’s description:

Why would the bus drive around zombies when it can drive right through them? On that note, why spend all round head-shotting the horde when you can use delivery #6 to survive?

“We should not let this type of equipment go to waste.”

DROP 7’s description:

The zombies love this latest delivery, just be careful not to become its contents yourself.

On second thought, maybe that would be a better alternative to a relentless hunger for human flesh (having glowing blue eyes could be cool, though).


  • ghost

    a light?

    • Plazmaassassin96

      OMG LOOK AT THE BLUE LETTERING AFTER THE gif image, its says “Now Die”

  • UnreadierFuture

    Riot shield?

    • Jak

      Lol… Da fuck!?

  • TheMasterChuck

    hmmm… interesting…

  • Elektrobanq

    My guess is a makeshift defibrillator. Maybe if one of your teammates goes down and you can’t make it in time to revive him, his body stays for the entire round and allows you to revive him so that he doesn’t loose all of his guns and special grenades.

    • Shadowking58

      you mean like kinda how it works in Left 4 Dead 2 right?

      • Ur Mom

        Na bro. its like that in webkinz. And maybe instead of makeshifting the defibrillator, you should shuv it up you but hole.

        • Totaly Bro

          I agree with Ur Mom…. that sounds like a good idea. Be sure not to hit a kidney stone. 😛

  • Bslindem

    A battery to power a perk machine for a purchase or two?6011465

  • Ray’

    hmmm a hole in the ground where the bus stopped?

  • ValenciaRicardo11

    My biggest guess is that if you remember the leaked achievements (if they are true) there was one that said buy 2 perks before turning on the power this item could be one that turns one perk at a time.

    • ??anonymous??

      they are true, the official list have been announced idiot

  • BEAST_332


    • Enrique Sanabria

      Highly Unlikely

      • Guest

        But that would have been very cool…

  • If you flip it, to stand up, this could be the ‘power’ switch! couldn’t it?

  • There seems to be a zombie in the store, can anyone else see that?

  • Balm

    Maybe the bus will break down and your teamates will have to protect you while you jumpstart it with this device.

  • C0UNT IT

    Ladders tend to be used for….. something.

  • Josiah Johnson

    I think that there will be a different part to a “buildable” every day, and at the end of the week all the items will come together to make something.

  • Shadowking58

    That Ladder looks like the one in Modern Warfare 2 Highrise.

  • Shadowking58
  • Anonymous

    Bus Delivery 3 is here

  • Nighthawk_0430

    ”I wonder if this thing might fit with that other thing?” Nice one treyarch. Drop 3 is one of the buildables, go back to the zombies trailer, and go to the barn sections. Youll notice those makeshift assault shields, this along with a Car Door will make the assault shield

    • Enrique Sanabria

      It’s actually the stop after the barn, I get what your saying though.

    • Yo Mama

      ya. this thing fitting with that thing…. thats really specific. And your name (night hawk) is really lame.

  • Adam Nord

    Okay, so everyone has seen the blue letters that say “NOW DIE”, but did any one else notice that this is all complete “BS” (first gif)??? lol

  • Keven0159

    Is the rioit shield guys if you look back at the reveal trailer and look at they all fit together i bet you 100 dollers that the riot shield

    • Enrique Sanabria

      Drop 3 is part of the riot shield. The other parts have nothing to do with the riot shield.

  • Enrique Sanabria

    Am I the only one that is bored by this Bus Stop BS? I have a life I can’t prowl the COD forums waiting for these dumb bus stops so I can look at pictures of inanimate objects from the game. COD needs to just shut the F up until they show me some zombies gameplay footage on Friday.

  • John Smith

    Delivery 4 looks like a sniper

  • Chrisduck14

    Its what each map has map 1 bus station its a bus light 2 baarn ladder? Dont know that connection but three riot shield third map shone on revel trailer four table makes no sense

  • Rbjigdjgbd

    Sex with camels! Thats a Raping Machine!

  • Shadowking58

    wait 2 drops in the same day? that wasn’t part of the deal.

  • GVK

    It’s funny how everyone is barely seeing the Blue letters that read NOW DIE…When I was actually the first to mention it…Everyone can see for themselves at the official COD forums.

    Under the 2nd Bus delivery thread.


  • ChuckDries

    so I missed all these… are they dlc files for the game? or are they just pictures of in game items?

  • henk

    Where are 5 & 6???

  • Jaxonsmith

    yo all are nerds

  • Gangster

    all of you losers are nerds. Go outside for once and maybe talk to a girl if you know what that is.

  • erhan mahmut olcay

    May I download this game, gentlemen site