GTTV has announced that they will be airing brand new footage of Black Ops 2. The new footage will feature and all new Single Player mission “Monsoon”, new MP map, and zombies gameplay.

The show airs first on the east coast at 1am on Friday. (or Thursday night in U.S.)

Also, here’s a new Zombie screenshot released over at



  • Nejiseepersad

    1st 😀

  • Robert Hargrove

    Funfact: if you right click the image and click copy image url, you’ll see that it has 1337 in it.

    • Nejiseepersad

      whats 1337?

  • Finnguy86

    GMT time please.

    • Mihir678900

      Fri 6am

      • Faidh Ghouze

        6am??? DAMN

  • Shadowking58

    U.S. Time please.