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Here are the latest batch of screenshots from Activision. The Euro Press were actually given (10) new images however 3 of the 10 were already leaked a couple weeks ago via the Xbox live dashboard.

SOURCE: GameThirst

  • Aaron Quin

    Looking good! Looks as though the anti-air rocket launcher can detect aircraft easier as well.

  • Booker T

    Is that a juggernaut i see in the hijacked map image!!!!!!!!!!

    • Made this account to say Nope


  • Adam Nord

    Is that @DavidVonderhaar in the third picture, bottom left behind the barrier???

    • DamZe


  • Asdfasdf

    Is that a SPAS in #6 on the right? I know it’s not in the list but it sure looks like one..

    • Kamehameha5000

      huh. That REALLY does! I hope so 😛

    • PrimeEchoes

      It kinda does, but it looks more like an M870 MCS, which is listed.

  • JP

    Crossbow with RDS aaaaah! YEEESSSS! I am so excited to use that thing!

  • Kamehameha5000

    It looks as though the sentry gun is also a SAM turret 😛

  • Moneybagz

    New 10 Min Video of the SWAT-556, M27 and Chicom CQB in action!

  • ToPBoX

    is it me, or does the gun in the 6th picture have a bipod on it? if it is…

    • PrimeEchoes

      It does. Compare it to the Type 25 in picture 3, which has no bipod.

  • MEATY 118

    4th picture bottom right trophy system