Activision and LG Electronics USA revealed today that Black Ops 2 will support 3D enabled gameplay across single player, multiplayer and Zombies game modes when it hits retail shelves worldwide on Nov. 13.

Starting today, LG and Activision are promoting the launch of Black Ops 2 in 3D with advertising across multiple consumer touch-points, including TV, cinema, digital and retail marketing. Beginning today, fans can see an exclusive 3D trailer of Black Ops 2 at select Best Buy retail outlets nationwide.


LG Dual Play Technology Enhances Side-by-Side Gaming:
For gamers who love playing split-screen with friends or foes, but hate splitting the screen, these LG TVs offer the solution with a feature called “Dual Play,” which allows gamers to see two completely different full-screen images on the same screen, at the same time.

SOURCE: Activision Press Release

  • Finchhd

    ok i just have one question when it comes to 3D tv’s for video games……do you really think gamers will want to play in 3D all the time online? maybe playing the story line but i know myself that if im playing online i dont want nor need it to be in 3D. now dont think i dont think that it is cool that BO2 will be able to run in 3D settings but deep why do you really need it?

    • Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean other people do.

    • Nathan p

      If you have played BO2 on a lg cinema tv you will know why and one push of a button and it’s 2D, why not have the option douch?

  • Hud095

    They stole Simulview from Sony. This option has existed on some Playstation 3 games for a while now.

    • GibsonD90

      Yeah, that’s pretty cheap… “All-new feature!!!” .

  • mike

    what about ps3 simulview will it support that?

  • Mason

    hey my name is mason im a big fan i was thinking like you should have a website that you can costamize your gun like put your own spray paint on it and then send it to your user name and then you can have it please commet back my name is [email protected] and i like all of your video games

  • Heisenberg

    Simul view much?

  • Shawnsplace8

    it states it will support all 3d tvs i really hope that applies to the playstation 3d tv and is simuview i would rely like to find out before i order this game if not it dose not i really feel like that is a whole lot of bull crap and just will not buy it my son and i where really locking forward to this and i wish some one could tell me the truth

  • Dr. Cannabis

    I enjoy kicking on 3d from time to time. I’m glad they are bringing the option back, it’s one of the reasons I waited for BO2 instead of MW3. I wonder if they are bringing the dive back also