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The episode just aired on the East coast, here’s what we learned:

-Characters in campaign had invisible camo (like Ghost Recon Future Soldier)
-Create-a-class will be in singleplayer.
-“Challenges” will be in singleplayer.
-‘3D’ is returning in Black Ops 2.
-Zombie Theater mode shown.

SOURCE: GameTrailer TV

  • AmazingSuperHick

    Mostly a fail episode. Only new thing was the zombies stuff. the single player mission and the MP map have already been shown

    • BO2FTW

      what map?

      • AmazingSuperHick

        They showed Hijacked. Already tons of gameplay out there from that map.

  • Qwerty

    Didn’t they say there would be a beta From Oct.26-29?

    • AmazingSuperHick

      No. No beta for BO2

    • Josiah Johnson

      That’s for a different game.

    • Enrique Sanabria

      For the Mech Game Hawken

  • Mitch
  • Alex Davis

    CaC and Challenges for Single Player is music to my ears. You’d have thought those things, at least challenges, would have been in SP a few games ago, but it’s still a big deal now.

  • Enrique Sanabria

    These GT.TV guys need to fact check more because this is DEFINITELY not the first time gameplay from Hijacked has been seen. In fact theres a video on youtube that shows A LOT of gameplay from that map like at least 20 minutes. I like how the guy sounds like he’s making a huge announcement and he’s like “And YES, we can confirm that Black Ops 2 has Multiplayer Mode!” Please someone burn GT.TV in fire. How are these tools getting exclusive interviews with Treyarch?

    • it was sarcasm, douche.

      you just saw more single player, new gameplay, new features and yet you STILL find something to complain about. treyarch doesn’t owe you anything. you are the epitome of why internet discussions get a bad rep. and to top it off, if you reply at all, it’ll most likely be a mindless insult after skimming through this reply.

  • Mobiel66666

    Did anyone notice the new Special Weapons at about 3:38?

  • Zac hammo

    Can’t wait to create a class in single player and has invisible solider best campaign yet :):):)