Collect the right pieces as you make your way through TRANZIT and you might have a chance to put them to good use. Shotguns are classic, and rifles are powerful, but neither can compare with the cover offered by the ZOMBIE SHIELD!

  • anonymous

    Zombies looks awesome

  • BlueStorm017

    Can’t wait to slam some zombies against a rigged up riot shield!

  • Genaro Ruiz

    Im so excited, that I just cant hide it!!!

  • Durp

    Waited all week for 36 seconds of barely anything.


  • Adam Nord

    there is something more to the shield than just those two pieces. Right when she pulls it out to go for the zombies, she presses a button behind the glass on the right side and you see a green light right next to it, then she attacks. I wonder what that switch does?

    • Durp

      It’s a lock for a car door. You push it in lock the door. I doubt it holds much use outside of it being a “delay” to “set up” the shield.

    • I1ijasoni2i

      Maybe the doors pack a punched and that’s what gives it the power to bulldoze them 3o zombies at once

  • zac hammo

    Don’t get my wrong zombies. Will be good but can’t wait multiplayer. And the m27 mwhahahaah

  • Miguelmolina13

    any one else hear that sound when a power up is being used