Activision has announced the Black Ops 2 DLC will be offered as a Season Pass. This pass is seperate from ELITE, as Elite is now free. There will be four new map packs with MP and Zombies content. The pass will cost $49.99. Each DLC pack costs $14.99 giving you at $10 discount with the pass. All DLC will be available first on Xbox LIVE.

Get 4 Call of Duty®: Black Ops 2 downloadable content Map Packs, delivering a variety of new content, including Multiplayer and Zombies playable content.

  • Save $10, at discounted suggested retail price of $49.99*
  • Content expected to be available in 2013 – following the game’s launch on 11/13/12
  • Check for availability at your local Game Stop or Best Buy.
Supporting Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Activision will be selling four epic new Downloadable Content (DLC) Map Packs both a la carte and through the introduction of the Call of Duty: Black Ops II Season Pass. Coming to the Xbox LIVE® online entertainment network first, the four Call of Duty: Black Ops II DLC Map Packs will deliver a variety of new Multiplayer and Zombies playable content and are expected to be available in 2013.  The Season Pass will deliver all four Call of Duty: Black Ops II DLC Map Packs at a discounted suggested retail price of 4000 Microsoft Points* ($49.99 on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for Xbox 360® (discount based on four DLC Map Packs at a suggested retail price of 1200 Microsoft Points ($15) each).  Season Pass pre-orders are now available at select retail outlets, including GameStop.  Season Pass and DLC Map Packs may not be available on all gaming platforms.  Pricing and release dates may vary by platform.  All Call of Duty Elite features and availability are subject to change.  Further details regarding the 2013 calendar of Call of Duty: Black Ops II DLC Map Packs will be made available at a later date.


  • Corey

    Love how it says “save $10” then proceeds to give the price in pounds.

    • LOL. It’s the UK COD site’s description 😛

    • Pulseeffect98

      pfffff no it dont :/

    • 4 DLC’s @ $15ea. = $60 so if you buy it for $50 then….wait for it….VIOLA! You’ll save $10. Its simple math.

  • save ten dollars or pounds?

  • Amro Amin

    so its for £34.99 ? just like elite on MW3

  • JoseB88

    £34.99 is the equivalent of $56.24 in dollars. That’s pricey


      its less than that they added the tax on for the english so take the tax away an that will be the price

      • JoseB88

        So $49.99 then?? How much is each map pack gonna be then?

        • Roxas3510

          Most likely 1200 points like always.

        • Devin Wolfe

          $15 or 1200MP

    • No. It’s $50 exact – because all four packs cost $60, minus $10 = $50 🙂

      • JoseB88

        I was just gonna say that lol

  • Shadowking58

    Wait i’m confused… so the only way to get the DLC is by purchasing the Season Pass, does the season pass for black ops 2 give you all DLC for free or all DLC at a discounted price? (like 7-8 dollars or something)

    • Season Pass gives you all the DLC.

      • Shadowking58

        when will they start selling the season passes? the day the game comes out or prior to it?

        • Devin Wolfe

          around when the first DLC drops

          • Shadowking58

            we’ll have to wait and listen for something from activison or treyarch

          • Devin Wolfe

            true but this is what i predict

    • Drasadex

      If you buy the Season Pass, the DLC will be free. If you don’t, then you’ll have to pay for it.


    i hope its not 3 map packs then a zombie map pack, waste of time for me i dont like the zombie stuff, if the packs are not that good i will wait till 4th july (there half price then)

    i hope they do weapon, camos, titles, double xp tokens in the packs ect

    • Mendozawill47

      Thats your opinion and all, just cause you say it doesnt mean Treyarch will do that!

      • Durp

        I would honestly pay money for extra weapons, perks, etc. I mean, if BF3 can add weapons in their DLC, why not Black Ops 2?

        • KH91

          Well IW couldnt add weapon dlc to mw3 because of the limitations of such an old engine. Im assuming it will be the same problem for black ops 2. Dont get your hopes up.

          • Adam Nord

            @KH91 – You actually believed that non-sense???? HAHAHA. Thats just BS that they feed to the community because they don’t want to be bothered to add weapon dlc. Listen, The weapons have nothing to do with the maps, they are just models that get added to code, which they can clearly fix or modify by hotfixes and patches.

            Just recently they had to swap out a texture in the maps of MW2 and MW3 because of religious reasons. If they can swap textures in a map, they can add another gun to the game. Infinity Ward just doesn’t want to be bothered. Also ITS NOT THE COMMUNITY MANAGERS FAULTS. They are merely the middleman for the community and the developers.

          • KH91

            And you believe the shit coming from yourself? Swapping out a texture on one map is nothing, but adding in a new gun model, texture, all the camo’s for it, sounds, reloading animations, etc to each map (it was explained that with such an old engine each weapon has to be coded into each map, and i wouldnt doubt this fact) You cant honestly think that adding a gun is even close to the same as swapping out a texture. If so, please, reach up your own ass, and pull your head out.

          • Adam Nord

            Wow…just wow…

          • KH91

            I know, my explanation blew your mind and made you speechless without a comeback this time. But in all seriousness, do you really think swapping out a texture, is the same as adding a new weapon? Im seriously curious about this.

    • ??anonymous??

      Please Pete, You don´t deserve to play videogames anymore, most dumb comment ever

      • avera

        I agree

    • Devin Wolfe


  • Ryanwhite_90

    so my elite subscription is useless for black ops 2 DLC ?

    • AmazingSuperHick

      The current Elite subscriptions are for MW3 only

      • Brian Murana

        I preordered Elite for Black Ops 2 just so i wouldnt have to worry about buying all the points to buy the DLCs…but now that is being replaced with Season Pass?

        • KH91

          elite for black ops 2 is free, so whoever you preordered it from, is ripping you off.


          There not ripping u off they just changed it I pre order it to all I got to do is go to game stop or best buy tell them I order elite and change it to the season pass or get another game like me I don’t care about saving 10 buck I order it for early maps

          • Brian Murana

            They emailed me later in the week explaining that it would automatically be changed to the season pass

  • Your ELITE subscription is only valid for MW3.

  • anonymous

    I wish they would do the rolling DLC style of MW3, with new DLC each month. Helps to keep the game fresh.

    • ??anonymous??

      stop copying me. Im the true anonymous of CI lol just kidding. Map packs style is a lot better than new DLC every month

      • Devin Wolfe

        Anonymous ehh? ain’t that cute

        • FawkesIzKewl

          Wook at your wittle mask. Cute as a button you are.

          • Devin Wolfe

            LUL well played sir well played

  • P Dub

    I’m assuming Elite will be free then? If so then the one month they gave us for free at the launch of MW3 is completely useless….

    • Devin Wolfe


  • andrew

    they should really seperate the zombie dlc from the multiplayer that way us zombie fans do not have to fork out each time for 4 multiplayer maps that we dont even play to get just one zombie map ,talk about screwing the community they know wat there doing ,also elite foundership was a bit pointless

    • Josiah Johnson

      That’s why they put them together, to get more money!

    • Savagesmickey

      You are a genious sir. But to be honest, Blops 2 multiplayer finally looks great!

    • lMattW

      I’d like to see a zombies mode on the multiplayer maps like MW3 survival. That’d be a way to give more replay value to the maps.

  • xtorchxstangx

    does the dlc packs include nuketown zombies and nuketown 2025.

    • ??anonymous??


    • RdJokr

      Maybe in the third or fourth DLC. The WaW Zombies maps weren’t available for some times on BO1 till the Rezurrection map pack came out.


    I Bought Elite A few months back and now treayrch are not going to carry on the elite subscribtion absolutly annoying

    • Roxas3510

      That’s exactly why I didn’t do that, I had a feeling Activision would probably do something like this.

    • AmazingSuperHick

      You should have read into it. The Elite sub you bought was for MW3 only.

    • Devin Wolfe

      why would they its a failed platform it caused more headaches and trouble than anything else

    • caloge

      they are restructuring elite. It was pretty useless in its previous form, and the trickle DLC is silly. Im glad they returned to map pack

  • sam

    Thank god, it’s back to the way it was like in the first game. I hate all the collection and calendar nonsense.

  • Andrew J. Abraham

    If you preordered the Hardened and/or Care Package editions of the game, do we have to pay $50 to get the DLC or is the DLC already with the Hardened/Care Package Editions? Like this so people can see this!

    • Ankitkansal333


    • Season Pass is separate from HE/CP.

    • Dustan

      No DLC is included with the hardened/prestige editions. Elite will be free and you can pay 15 bucks a map pack or buy the season pass 🙂

    • victor1999

      pls ifi got the season pass ill get all 4 DLC map packs for free ???

      • avera

        Technically its not free if you buy season pass

  • So is Elite being sold separate from the DLC?

    • Savagesmickey

      Elite 2.0 Is free; Elite 2.0 just features clan fetures, overview of maps, tips and strategies etc. Elite 2.0 does not give DLC anymore.

      Season Pass costs money; thats the new way to get all DLC- etc.

      Hardened Edition gives you steel bookcase, Nuketown Zombies and Nuketown 2025, exclusive digital content, themes, and some other small stuff. Care Package Edition gives you everything that Hardened gives you but it comes in a Care Package and you get a cool controllable Quadrotor that you can give to your kids for Christmas. The Quadrotor doesn’t even shoot water, Airsoft bulllets, or anything. SMH

      • Nighthawk_0430

        Source for ur Elite 2.0 info? Last I checked, they hadn’t said anything about it yet

        • Lolwut

          Whilst there is no confirmation, it is quite obvious.

          A leak of a load of BO2 info happened in July. It said Elite would no longer provide DLC and there will be a return to map packs.

          Everything in the leak has turned out to be true, even create a class in single player that has only just been confirmed.

          They also stopped taking new premium memberships a while ago.

          Additionally no DLC is included with the special editions.

          Map packs allows developers more time to perfect maps.

          Finally no one is going to pay $45 for Clan Ops.

      • So will this pass include nuketown?

        • Devin Wolfe

          its a possibility but i don’t see it happening pre-order bonuses should stay just that

  • Korflock

    Why pay $50 for DLC when you can get DLC with Elite Premium (same price)?

    • Lizerdman87

      Elite no longer gives you the dlc and it’s free now.

      • Korflock


        • Devin Wolfe

          um this article

          • Korflock

            I’m looking for confirmation not ‘may’

          • Devin Wolfe

            they said Elite would be integrated into the game and with this Season Pass it would seem like a frugal effort to charge for Elite when this takes care of the DLC part and the other parts of Elite will be in the game to begin with

          • Devin Wolfe
          • Korflock

            Thank you

  • Kamehameha5000

    can i get this at EB games?

  • Waffle2010

    What about elite premium??????????

  • I would call this a deal but I have a Borderlands 2 season pass that gives me 4 dlc at the price of 3 :l. unless there are zombie maps with it It wont be worth it.

  • Ray’

    I have a feeling no one will be using Elite anymore

  • Shadowking58

    The link at the bottom leads to an error page for some reason

  • Antonio

    No way I get this fake ass discount so they can do what they did with elite and give it at 50%off, if I would’ve waited instead of buying elite for mw3 it would have been cheaper!!!!!!! No rush to get new maps not worth it

    • KH91

      elite for black ops 2 is free. So good luck with that.

  • Ed

    is one of these map packs gonna be all zombie like last time? i don’t play a bunch of zombies, soooooo…….

  • Nithipan07

    Can buy it already ?

  • Adder

    “Coming to the Xbox LIVE® online entertainment network first”
    Why am i not surprised. When will this stupid contract between activision and microsoft end so that all gamers get to enjoy new content at the same time. Grrrrr

  • Rambro

    wow what a load of ignorant replies! people aren’t even reading the post but just scream: WHAT ABOUT ELITE PREMIUM and make the dumbest assumptions here:P
    Only thing I want to know is: Elite wasn’t working for the first few months of my premium membership and i (and a lot of others) was promised and given a month extra subscription but exactly what good is that to us now?? THAT is a rip off my dislectic friends.
    I nevergot my years worth of elite functionallity and now they go the free route. Last time i ever buy anything from IW or Beachhead

    • Adam Nord

      However unfortunate the subscription issues may be, now you don’t have to pay which is probably what they want, so now we can not complain about lack of service because well, we are not paying for it.

    • KH91

      Oh yea, heaven forbid they give you something for free! Darn them! Such scammers they are giving you your service for free, get the pitchforks and torches!

  • Djgufa69

    so great usa much cheaper $76 is about £40 yet we pay £69.99 which is $130 total rip off before the dlc . usa dlc pass $50 = £25 uk,
    but the uk price for the dlc pass is £34.41 = usa £70ish all in.
    uk cheapest is £106 combo offer. think if i get it ile get standard an if its as crap as black ops 1 ile sell it an my xbox as the last two cods were flawed with errors if its a 3rd im giving up on cod for life

  • mflynn024

    Wait so the total discount would be 10 $ right… For the US… Just checking cuz I’m not sure

  • Jordan99afc

    I have the season pass when do I get the new maps??

    • Lorhelm

      When the come out

  • Jonprta

    So when is nuketown double xp?

  • Andre Haugland

    I just bought the season pass for black ops 2 for ps3. But it dont work. I cant Get any of the DLC maps or the zombie nuketown. Why is that? I went to the Playstation store online and bought it and download. But nothing….

    • Lorhelm

      I don’t believe Nuketown has come out for PS3 yet and the DLC hasn’t been release. Period. Not for any system.

  • Gatecrasher_canada

    My BO2 Season pass says 4000 credits which is $60.

  • Lorhelm

    Do you have to be 18 years or older to purchase the Season Pass?

  • the season pass costs 50$ but in Belgium it costs 52€ i bought i 50 € card and now i will have to buy a 20€ pass to get it . is this a bug or something cause i dont want to wast 18€ more

  • I dont get it so if i buy the season pass will i get all dlc free

  • kevin

    if you buy season pass, wil you get all the dlc that come later?

  • victor1999

    ill get all 4 DLC map pack for free with the season pass on ps3

  • lance

    hey does any one no wht time the dlc will hit the market 4 360

  • how do i get the new gun i have all the new maps

  • Kymani

    i bought the season pass but it only gave me the peacekeeper

  • msno;

    help my black ops 2 Season pass not working I have not gotten maps what do I do now

  • iamkushed21

    i just bought my season pass nuketown zombies work but theres no extra multiplayer maps it still says search will be limited

  • This just in, new gun camos have been released. And what do you know, even though you ALREADY paid for the season pass, you have to buy these separate. Gotta love Craptivision

  • espen reynell

    some of the dlc 2 is made on old maps, they have just ghanges texture…

    Could of just played old game…. sue…..!

  • Syndicate

    when i buy a dlc pack its all for free cause of my season pass

  • somethingnot

    i already bought the season pass, so do we get the new map pack revengence for free when it comes out?

  • Fart

    I have got the seasson pass ps3 Will I get vengeance

  • mohammedblack

    hey guys if someone have season pass on Cod bo2 add me on playstationnetwork
    my ID:mohammedblack
    and the game most be region 3
    and{thanks} {PS3}