Inside Gaming Extended has just posted a new Black Ops 2 MP video showing 11 minutes of Hardpoint on Overflow!

SOURCE: Machinima

  • Nighthawk_0430

    Finally a map other than Hijacked 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, Hijacked looks awesome to play, but its time for other maps now

    • Teduwas

      the game is not even out yet and you are already tired of Hijacked?

      • Kamehameha5000

        I think he’s just saying that there has been a lot of Hijacked gameplay and not much of anything else like Overflow and Express

        • Nighthawk_0430

          Yep, exactly. Dont get me wrong, Hijacked looks like an awesome map, already my favorite out of the ones we’ve seen so far, but the fact that we are only a month from release, and we’ve only seen 6 maps (Hijacked, Overflow, Turbine, Yemen, Express, and Aftermath), I want to see more.

          • Asdf


          • Nighthawk_0430

            Derp, Aftermath I mean. Just played a match on Downturn, so thats what I put 🙂

  • zac hammo

    This game looks so much better than mw3 thank God

  • Will

    Nice to see a new map can’t wait 4 more weeks I think trey arch should release gameplay of nuke town 2025because that’s what I’m looking foreword to

  • Jordanfields

    Add my gt JordanGotMoves

  • Dean

    Welp, the commentary is shit so I’ll also play music.

  • Kevin Seepersad

    i think they should put a singleplayer mission.. so hat ppl have something to play and have a feel of black ops before its released..

  • Apocity

    Why do all the guns sound the same >.>

    • Claytonmong

      i noticed that too i found it weird

  • Claytonmong

    For me it says the video is private so i cant watch it :'(

  • Wentworth13

    Can certain people only see this gameplay 🙁

  • Wentworth13

    Can only certain people see this video? Mine says its private 🙁