Sgt Frank Woods, voice actor in the Black Ops franchise, has posted breakdown videos for Zombies.

Sgt. Woods gives a new perspective and a few teasers about the new zombies mode in Black Ops 2!

SOURCE: Sgt. Frank Wood’s YT

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  • Luke Hampster

    Looks beast

  • Abobinac

    Probably like a thundergun, uses compressed air

  • Well… I thing this weapon has 2 things different from the thundergun when it comes to usage. A flaw and an improvement:
    -Flaw: Takes more time to shoot.
    -Improvement: Kills zombies all around you (360 degrees). Not just the ones in front of you directly.
    This is purely prediction.
    Based the first by the fact that the shot was being charged for some time. Based the second on the fact that before taking it out that mystery girl was surrounded heavily, so it’ll be useful in such a situation.

  • Adam95280

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