We kind of feel silly posting this since there’s really no information to go on (other than the tweet below). However, this is something new for Call of Duty and not everyone is on twitter lol…

What are your thoughts and guesses? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think..


UPDATE: 30 minutes prior to that tweet, he tweeted this:


SOURCE: @DavidVonderhaar

  • My guess: This is how you unlock gold camo.

    • Should of logged in as this account.

  • DracarysDrogon

    I’m going to assume thats just one of the ways to unlock new camo’s. Max level your gun twice to get gold this time perhaps?

  • lMattW

    When you prestige your guns’ challenges aren’t affected. When you prestige your gun will that reset the guns’ challenges? I wonder.

  • Pussyassnigga

    Dont feel silly i wanna know everything about BO2 😀

    • Gagehorne23

      The check out my channel!;D xGageEHornE

  • Trancelot

    I think prestiging will unlock the higher camos like gold and carbon fiber… Probably some secret camos and/or attachments…

  • ??anonymous??

    I think you will unlock a different/better golden camo

  • dat badass m4…….

    • Sage

      Why is no one asking where that picture of the M4 came from? The only appearance that I know of in black ops 2 is the promo poster.

  • noob

    So you can only prestige a gun twice then u can’t prestige with it anymore????/

  • Yusuf_2405

    maybe you can PaP a gun twice in zombies aswell 😀

  • Yusuf_2405

    anyone else noticed theres 3/4 attachments there on the gun