An interesting interview from Kotaku was posted earlier today which featured Treyarch’s Director of Communications John Rafacz.

He starts by explaining Boot Camp: “There are three components to it,” he explains. “There’s a thing we call boot camp.

Boot Camp is a mix of human and AI players versus a mix of human and AI players for full XP credit for the first ten levels. You are actually ranking up. Beyond level 10, once you pass that threshold, you start earning half XP. Then there’s bot stomp which is just you and your buddies wailing on the AI.”

Rafacz goes onto to discuss why Black Ops 2’s matchmaking will deliver on what they have said:
That’s what gave rise to the thing we’re calling league play. This is a more robust matchmaking system. On day one you start playing and after a short while it starts to rank you. This is where we start matching you with people of like skill. Hopefully someone new to the game won’t be matched up against a true master.”

Rafacz continues on how they try to ‘control players’ from being offensive:
The ability to report players for offensive language, offensive emblems, all of that will be in place. There’s a certain extent to which we hope people will be able to police themselves, and there’s no way we can personally account for bad apples, so we try and give people the tools to help people help themselves.”

“We’re trying to make sure people are focusing toward a more co-operative style of game.”

SOURCE: Kotaku

  • It’s Too Late

    I really think treyarch is going the right way this game. Cod needed a long overdue refresh and this series needed. Can’t wait till 11/13

  • GeDDeN

    SOME DEVS/Directors (whatever) ARE IDIOTS….

    The reason why people dont like playing ONLINE IS BECAUSE HOW COD GAMES HANDLE LAG… So DUMB! People (including me) feel cheated that I put 5 bullets into someone without a kill, but I die in 1-2… That has NOTHING to do with skill…

    ALSO I hate when the a whole team (at times) has an advantage… I mean the TEAM could be SUPER positive while the other team as a hole are ALL NEGATIVE… (YEAH NOTHING WRONG THERE, ITS LAG)

    Match Making BETTER match me up with people in my own time zone NO MATTER THE TIME of DAY! Hey Treyarch did you fix the game sequencing yet?? I hate when players have a almost a FULL second or two time advance on me. You know when you see someone at the same time they see you and both of you shot at the time and you die then watch the replay to find out you didn’t even shoot your weapon… FIX THAT!

    If match making connect me with players that are close to my location or my PARTY LEADER’S location I would be happy with that, but Im sure it wont be like that at all…

    And thats not even mentioning the unbalanced guns that will be in this game, camping and QUICK SCOPING… yeah NON of those things matter…

    • Nighthawk_0430

      Camping and quick scoping cant be controlled by the developers, thats the community taking advantage. And i dont see whats the huge issue with quick scoping, it may be because im new to CoD, or that Ive tried it, and know how hard it is.
      As for lag, that can be controlled to a certain extent by developers, but they cant account for every small detail. Lag is an inevitable part of online games, Developers just need to work on minimizing it as best they can, instead of trying to please everyone and trying (and failing) to eliminate it completey

      • ^yup.avi
        i have laggy probs too…. but dats IW games but for some reason…. I DONT LAG ON BLOPS 1 ^^

      • GeDDeN

        Sorry bro but camping can be controlled or at least contained by map design… QSing IS “DESIGNED” into the game so how the devs can’t control that?? Combine how the game handles lag and QSing is the REAL ISSUE!

    • Aaron Quin

      hmmm… You sound a lot like me. I agree with everything you writ! lol.
      Just prepare to receive a load of replies stating how crap your internet connection is or how hard it is for the devs to fix it and all the other lame excuses.

      Is it really that hard to a have a game that actually works properly? To shoot my gun and the bullets hit the enemy?

      And yes, Quick-scoping is for skilless campers who can’t play the game properly.

      Maybe try working more on the net-code, rather than the graphics and they might get somewhere. Lag/hit detection seriously effects gameplay, of which the MP is all about. It would make sense for lag to be first priority but nope, its the 60FPS and the graphics.

      • Nig German

        Did you really just say that? I am not a quick-scoper, but just putting down how people play the game is just disrespectful. They paid whatever amount of money to get the game, how come they can’t play the way they want to? (because that would be too original.) So let me get this straight, you’re saying the only way to play is to Run N Gun and go negative whatever, then being able to go around and pop off an alright looking kill? Please take me under your wing, because I want to know the proper way of playing this game.
        Now I wait for the response of him or his carbon copy where I am called a butthurt faggot.

        Overall, I don’t mind camping with the mentality of “I know he’s there, I will chill for a sec, pop him, then move” not “I AM A HUMAN SENTRY GUN”

        • Aaron Quin

          …and so have many other people who payed for the game who don’t Quick-scope, and do play it properly. All those people who have paid whatever amount for a game ruined by a bunch of cheap scopers who just want to muck around doing these stupid “360s” and what not or camp on the other side of the map getting easy kills.

          and yes, BO2 is pro-rusher not pro-camper.

        • Choyt80

          You’re being disrespectful with your “I AM HUMAN SENTRY GUN” gameplay. You’re contradicting yourself. Thanks disrespectful douche!

      • KH91

        LOL what?! Quickscoping is for skilless(not a word btw) campers? AHAHA. Clearly, you dont know how to quickscope, therefore its the horrible thing that needs to be gone from the game? The only people who complain about quickscoping, dont know how to do it. Fact.

        • pyramidhead

          hopescoper…anyone who can line up the cross-hair on a player and pull the trigger can prayscope. get over your self kid.

          • KH91

            HA, okay first, im not some “l337quickscopez4life” kid. Im 21 years old, and just enjoy quickscoping from time to time, its fun. But to call it “luck” or “prayscopes” as you put it is absurd. You clearly dont know how to do it. Go to youtube and watch people break down quickscopers gameplays, theres a lot more than just lining up cross-hairs and hoping you hit when you pull the trigger. The only way i consider there to be a bit of luck, is when its about 70+ feet, but anything inside of that is easy and just takes practice.

          • Aaron Quin

            “I enjoy quickscoping from time to time, its fun”
            Just play the damn game properly! People like you and may others are ruining the game for everyone else. Go buy MW3, its got great Quick-scoping… and its crap in many other aspects. You seem to suit noobish unfair style of gameplay, “I just want to piss around, pissing people off you know?” type of games more.

          • Chris Harford

            Play the damn game properly? LOL. Okay, so you want snipers to have to sit up in areas, hard scoping across the map? You do realize that’s easier than quickscoping right? Quickscopers dont camp like you originally stated, they run around, its a way for snipers to play while still being mobile and not being forced to camp. On another note, “realistic sniping” isnt possible, CoD maps are not big enough. Its a fast paced game, and quickscoping makes it fast paced for snipers. Stop bitching about it, if i run up to you and try to quick scope you and i miss? You have an assault rifle that can 3-4 shot me from across the map. There is no “rule book” on how to play the game, quickscoping isnt against the rules, so you telling me to play the game properly is bogus.

    • dumbass

      In the first black ops, you can choose to connect to lobbies with people near you

      • Aaron Quin

        doesn’t really make any difference.

    • I agree with you but I think that a lot of our lag issues have to do with the fact that we are on many different ISPs accessing through different services and a lot of our lag may be due to that… So IW and 3ARC really can’t do much about it from that end. I think that they can fix it better than what they have in the past though. I just really hope that they tested this game across ISPs around the US…

  • Peter Li
  • Joshuajboncha

    I’m pretty sure it BOT stomp where you stomp on the AI bots

  • James C. Merritt

    Play the game properly? Lol. CoD is an Arcade Shooter. I hate the way some people play but it’s how they want to play. Nothing wrong with the way you play if you are having FUN!! Try something different if you don’t like playing vs QS. I loathe corner camping, assassin using, sound-whoring players but I still have fun playing. You are gonna die one way or another. The game would be much less enjoyable if everyone played the exact same way.

    • Aaron Quin

      Its o.k having “fun” but when it starts effecting other people’s “fun” then its a problem. And I also don’t care about dying, its just a matter of whether I deserved to die or I was cheated e.g lag/hit detection/quickscoping… are all unfair in terms of dying.

      • James C. Merritt

        QS is a legit way to play CoD. I’m sorry if you don’t like it but if it really causes you to not have fun then you are taking the game too seriously. And no I don’t QS. I rarely equip sniper rifles.

        • Aaron Quin

          Legit? Since when is running around and killing an enemy with what’s meant to be a long range weapon anywhere near legit? Snipers should be used at a long range distance, and be used to Hard-scope not quick-scope. That’s how to legitly use a sniper.

          • Duke of hazard

            I hope you realize that THIS IS JUST A VIDEO GAME

  • Even that screenshot shows how far the graphics have come, also the game is going to be awesome.

  • Pretty cool, its always fun playing with video games, even got a few airsoft guns http://www.airsplat.com/documents.asp?Link=airsoft-video-games and it a lot of fun.

  • Bf3haveit

    No asian server no buy

  • kjhj nnj

    I hate how games are all about stats and ranks, what ever happened to FUN like in the good ol days of battlefield 2. ;~; not that this is bad, but they should focus on fun and variety that’s what really makes people stay

  • Blain

    How come every time I get on here it shows this article when it’s like 2 weeks old and I happen to know there are new articles.

  • Marcusontime

    we have excede internet which is just satelite internet will we be able to play online? I know it has a couple second lag which sucks but I wish they could match us with people that have the same connection speeds I just want to play without getting mad or making other people mad because I’m 2 seconds behind them

    • Sridingin

      i have exede too tryin to find more people maybe if a bunch of exede people are all in the same lobby we wont have that problem! what system do you play on?