Not much to reveal here, again this is for the folks that missed this on Twitter yesterday. We’re pretty excited to tryout the all new emblem editor on Nov. 13th though.


UPDATE: David Vonderhaar confirmed some more details today:

Emblem Editor:

More Layers– 35 total layers to be exact. Some of the emblems Treyarch made blew our minds.

RGB Color– Not only do you have the original standard colors to choose from, you can now use custom colors from the RGB scale if your want to be picky about which colors you’re using.

Transparency– Make the background of your emblem transparent. Which means a carefully placed emblem over a player card could make for some interesting combinations. Treyarch put this to good use when designing the player cards for BO2 (which look amazing and more detailed by the way)

SOURCE: @DavidVonderhaar

  • Noahlu

    This game is gonna have so much content it is gonna be EPIC

    • Joshuajboncha

      I imagine that it will be on 2 discs

      • Korflock

        I wish it was. A multiplayer disc and a zombies/campaign disc. More content for multiplayer and zombies.

      • Mabye on Xbox but PS3 discs hold x10 more content via blu-ray.

  • Moneybagz


  • Looks incredible as always by Treyarch. Really pulling it out of the bag this year it seems for Call of Duty.

  • Kamehameha5000

    BOII could possibly be the greatest FPS ever. This isn’t even coming from a fanboy. FUCK MW3!

  • FuzzyPooka


  • Trevor

    Does anyone know where to find some of the emblems treyarch created?

  • CC5450

    What are the calling cards?

    • K!LA Clan Official

      I’m assuming its the background for the Playercard