Treyarch’s Mark Lamia, Dan Bunting and Jimmy Zielinski sit down with GameTrailers TV and answer some Black Ops 2 multiplayer questions.

We’re with the team behind Black Ops II to discuss the multiplayer portion of the game. Is Treyarch doing enough to set this Call of Duty apart from Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 3? What new elements are they bringing to the table?


SOURCE: GameTrailers

  • Watched the episode last night, but there is not really much new information in it.

  • Nickdjd

    why wont it let me watch the damn video this video player is so crap…

  • Tom

    OMG!!! Why dont they talk about the things what matters the most? Who care about the new features anyway? I want to know what they did/do and will do to prevent that lag chaos which describes BO1/MW3. I want functionality and consistens gameplay! If (and this is a big IF) we have those than after that we can talk about the new features. As long as the game does NOT have functunality and consistens gameplay, the new features does NOT matter not a little bit.

    • Blaine

      Fix your Internet. Problem solved

      • Tom

        Nothing is wrong with my internet. You are just one of those people who are ignorant enough to look the other way all the time and not see the problem. You are just blind man…

        • Shankorshivgaming

          From the sounds of it, there is plenty wrong with your internet.

        • Blaine

          I have great internet and every COD except for MW3 (insane lag comp) plays perfectly for me, even BO1.

      • Torres M1292

        Right, internet is not a problem. The poor net code they develop that’s what causes lag infestation.’Tom is right, you can put alot of new features, but if the lag is still there, then the game will suck. Compensated lag is what causes p2p games to suck so badly. Yet they can’t give us 60fps & dedicated servers because of the old hardware they have.

        • Blaine

          P2P is what made p2p games suck. The current system in BO2 is as good as it will get without dedicated servers.

    • Crumeo

      3arc made big improvements to BO1, if you play it now and you are still suffering bad lag, then it is probably due to a less than optimal connection. I run 28/1 (slightly above average) and it runs very well. I am optimistic BO2 will lead off from where BO1 ended, but then again MW3 didnt learn anything from the issues in BO1 so who knows.

    • KH91

      Definitely your internet. I had no lag problems with either Black Ops or Mw3. Sure, there was the occasional bad connection, but the host would migrate then. The only people i see complaining tend to have bad internet.

      • Tom

        Nothing is wrong with my internet. MW1,2 and WaW worked absolutly fine and even now after their prime year they working so much better than BO1/MW3. So explain it to me why worked/work the previous CoDs perfectly fine except those BO1/MW3! And nothing changed in my side. I have always open nat and 4 bar 98% of the time and i realise if the game delays. There are so much lag delays on BO1 and MW3 (espesally MW3) that just make the game unfair and unplayable. So much more people played the previous CoDs online before then for example MW3 nowdays. Coincidence? I doubt it.

        • Alex Davis

          I hate it when elitist douches call a game with minor lag issues “unplayable”. It’s still one of the best FPS’s on the market even with very minor problems that DO have to do with your own connection in part. I still play MW3 about every day and I have really shitty internet, yet I rarely have major lag spikes that just come out of nowhere. Even the minor lag comp is not nearly something I would remotely call the game unplayable for, it’s just something that exists that you need to get over.

          • Tom

            So you said you have a really shitty internet and rarely have major lag spikes :):):):):):) Ohh man, you have absolutly no idea, not a clue, you know nothing how lag comp work in MW3. Pay for a bigger, better internet service and you will see the problems for yourself 🙂 You ignorant blind prick 🙂

          • Lag Comp?

            Preach Tom these f##kers don’t know what they are talking about. Mw3 and bops helps bad Internet connections, this is coming from someone who has to play on my cellphones Internet just to get good gameplay lol. Bring back MW2 net code!!!!

          • Alex Davis

            Wrong on all accounts. I do know what I’m talking about. I do have generic lag problems caused by lag comp. Only internet service in my area is like 768up/1.5dn. I have shitty internet, but I can play COD games most of the time without massive lag spikes. Only times that happens is if someone else is on the internet at home here. I am a technically savvy person who knows what and how lag comp is, so don’t go around acting all high and mighty.

    • Traviswaldorf

      Lag is a byproduct of the internet. This is a fact. It cannot be removed. The developers do their best to smooth the effects of lag over. Stop complaining and accept the universe you exist in. The speed of an electromagnetic wave has a limit.

      • Paytience3721

        Yeah, and that speed happens to be light in a vacuum, so what’s your point?

    • Kris10kath

      ya their really keeping a tight lid on it… roamer is that its the exact system MW3 used “lag compensation” witch was originally designed for BO1 and has been a work in progress ever since…you cant judge by what people who played have said or from youtube videos cause they are all on LAN…

    • Aaron86v

      Your internet sucks. Just accept it.

  • Dksodkosdjsds


  • ??anonymous??

    BO1 hit detection is so good as MW series maybe even better. The problem is with the connection, that most of lobbies are fucked. They need to fix that

  • Moneybagz

    I agree with TOM.. The reason being all you guys say fix ur internet..ive been playing cod since cod4 …all the way up til black ops i hardly never lagged and hit detection was awesome…i still play those games and never have problem. i jump on black ops ..i get terrible hit detection and sometimes lag compensation..then i get on mw3,which is just so laggy. so u cant tell me or tom its our internet..all my friends on xbox stopped playing because of the lag and hit detection in both i guess just everybody has bad internet now huh? yeah i didnt think so. the two games BO and Mw3 is just terrible…FACE IT! Start being honest with yourself. both games wouldnt be so bad if the issues was fixed..and before u say i dont still awesome at the all just sucks.

    • Anon

      Let’s just say that cod 4 5 and 6 we’re optimized for console hardware and there was less data to be transferred actively then there was in 7 and 8 and probably 9. So therefore the less data you are transferring actively the smoother you’re experience. The hit detection for example on a PC was fine, but for some odd reason there were many lag spikes that genuinely made the game unplayable. Ohh let’s not forget that BO1 and MW3 shared the same Net Coding thus making them as bad as eachother

  • alex

    Just can’t wait for next week ZOMBIES… hopefully GET some new info sense they really didn’t give us new info here on multiplayer

  • Traviswaldorf

    Lag is an inherent property of the internet because of the fixed speed at which electricity can flow. Stop blaming the developers and be satisfied you can play a game with someone across the world and it feel for the most part, like they’re playing in the same room as you.

  • Alex Davis

    Why does this say “part 3” when there aren’t parts 1 and 2?

  • Can’t wait for this game. I’m going to try to get it a few days early from a Mom and Pop store by my college.