A 17MB update went out to all Playstation 3 users today for Modern Warfare 2 to remove the supposed “offensive” picture frames in the MP map ‘Favela’.

A couple weeks ago someone put up a YouTube Video that caused quite a bit of controversy, which in turn caused Infinity Ward to remove Favela from all playlist. Now the map is back with minor modifications.

No word yet on when the Xbox 360 will receive the update.


SOURCE: @CobraG7

  • Finally

  • Strike

    So they can patch the game to remove some bathroom frames, but they cant put out a new security patch… Yea thanks IW…

    • kjhj nnj

      Well this is a million times easier, to fix this all they had to do was replace one texture.

  • Tomas Brousson


  • Dragonplatinum1

    freezing for me

  • CobraG7

    PS3 got the update first for once? yay! lol

  • Kingasd

    Surprisingly (relatively) constrained comments here compared to mp1st where the consensus is that every muslim is a dark-skinned, towel-headed terrorist regardless of the reality.

    I thought mp1st and charlie intel had the same audience.

  • Dean

    Gee, I wonder what else they fixed in this update.

    Hurr hurr.

  • Medibee

    PC got this patch a while ago.

    • CobraG7

      Then why didn’t you tweet picture proof to CharlieIntel and MPFirst like I did? 🙂

  • DavidP

    fucking muslimes

    • Nejiseepersad

      watch your mouth… i give him credit for defending his religion… at least we are getting to play it again.

      • Tsplash

        Shut up dude hes right, leave it to some dumb muslim to pretend to get offended so he can get attention. If people didn’t get so fucking butthurt over shit like that picture frame the world would be so much better and less prejudice, he deserves absolutely no credit for defending his religion!

        • dfsdfsdf

          Fuck you, Tsplash, 1 guy makes a video and suddenly we’re all terrorists.

          • DavidP

            The way i see it, yes you all are. you muslimes cant be trusted.

    • BaberahamLincoln

      To be fair, go to any Tea Party rally and yell “Fuck Jesus” and see how slowly people are to get offended. The problem isn’t one group more than the other. The problem is religion is fucking retarded.

    • Zachammo

      U r racist

    • hijazi

      learn how to spell the word Muslims you idiot

  • Boss302

    It wouldn’t kill them to nerf the noob tubes and oma when they put out the patch for xbox…but, Black Ops 2 is almost here so it might be pointless, but I still can’t believe they haven’t done anything about oma tubes in these 3 years the game has been out.

    • Yahoo99

      ur a moron freedom is wt mw2 is about

  • Anon

    Remind me next time to complain to every developer out there over something so insignificant in some video game.

  • Offensive Lightbulb

    Game rated R (Contains offensive picture frame)

    If the picture frame was so offensive, why did it take them more than 3 years to report??? :/ very pathetic

  • Unceldolan

    A map in portugal with muslim scripture. So many levels of wat.

    • Unceldolan

      oops *brazil

  • Gumbie7

    You wouldn’t catch me using that bathroom…ever! Ewww disgusting! 🙂

  • Shadowking58

    okay um… i don’t care about the controversey, but don’t you think they could have spent way more time redesigning the texture, i mean just plain black doesn’t look good at all.