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Late Wednesday night, a YouTube livestream link quickly began spreading on Twitter which showed all new gameplay of the maps “Carrier” and “Meltdown” along with some never before seen maps and menus. It appeared Activision was officially unveiling the livestream feature until the stream ended several minutes later. Turns out Treyarch was only testing some features on YouTube and the stream wasn’t meant to go public.

It appears everything was lost but not before @ItsRahhh tweeted out several screenshots from the saved vid. We’re not going to post the video, however we’ll post the screenshots since they already hit Twitter. Once thing is for sure, these maps look EPIC..

SOURCE: @ItsRahhh

  • Mitch

    C’mon somebody must have saved the footage!?

  • Guest

    I want to stop looking up BO2 information to make the game more unknown and exciting first, but i can’t help myself, these look awesome especially meltdown map, cannot wait.

  • Derp683

    Someone post links to footage or download lonk. Checking back tomorrow

  • anonymous

    Post a link to the footage!

  • Cod Fan :o

    On slide 4/14 It looks like the esports after action report as it mentions ‘ladder’. I’m excited for eSports 🙂

  • Soulexist

    Is that a new sniper rifle?? http://www.youtube.com/soulexists check me out!!

  • You know a game sucks when a lot of the maps are taking place in L.A. Stupid maps designers barely have inspiration to look past outside their window. I’ve seen like 3 LA maps -__-

    • Guest

      Thats probably the most ignorant, idiotic comment on here. Did you ever think that most of the actual campaign takes place in LA? Its not like its the same map…its 3 totally different maps…

    • michael

      Shut the fuck up… seriously who the fuck cares?

    • KH91

      Oh man, totally. I mean 3 maps.. THATS ALMOST ALL OF THEM! Screw the devs for making maps they want to make that tie into the main storyline. Theyre just so selfish and money driven. They should have maps on the moon and other more inspirational places!!

      But in all seriousness, stfu.

    • That Guy

      Well considering that they have maps in Panama and Pakistan and various other places around the world, you might be mistaken there, buddy.

  • Strike

    What sniper rifle is that?

    • S N I P E R

      XPR-50 with a Ballistic CPU

  • Xb0x720


  • BFplayer

    every screenshot I see a UAV as the 1st scorestreak. Like wtf?! they create the game, cant use other scorestreak, and mostly use UAV?!

    • guest

      Default setup.

  • Hunterio13

    they look sick as fuck. Slums looks sick!

    • MeisseN

      You look sick to me as well

      • Hunterio13

        How could that possibly be?

  • MeisseN

    A little problem with the title. First Gameplay images of Slums as well, showing that reloading B23R

  • V1D4 L0K4