Activision has just confirmed that a Live-Action Black Ops 2 trailer will arrive this Monday at 7am (PDT). We’ll be sure to post the trailer as soon as it hits the web.

Set your sights on 7am PDT Monday for the #BlackOps2 Live Action Trailer premiere. Expecting any cameo appearances?

SOURCE: @CallofDuty

  • bambi

    I hope that it will be as good as last year!

  • Asdf

    What’s a life action commentary?

  • The Flash

    this the thing on action movie fx

  • Nejiseepersad

    i hope morgan freeman is the cameo appearance 😀

  • basketball12136

    Of course they do it at a time when everyone is either at work, has no access to a computer/mobile device, or is sleeping. I am in the PST time-zone, and I may not be able to watch it!

  • Luke

    What exact time