David Vonderhaar has been very active on Twitter, and has clarified/answered many questions on Black Ops 2.

Here’s the round-up:

  • Live streaming specific details are coming soon.
  • Black Ops 2 now has Global Stats leaderboards.
  • Playlists are no longer level gated.
  • They have put four shotguns in MP.
  • You can adjust the music volume.
  • You cannot have two of the same killstreaks unless one is from care package.
  • If you have no secondary, you can pick up a gun and your primary will stay.
  • Ballistic knife is returning.
  • “[You] Can make and store multiple emblems and then “apply” the one you want. Fan requested feature.”
  • Maximum Overtime rounds is 2.
  • You can set one of the modes (MP/Zombies/Campaign) to launch on default.
  • There are 14 MP Maps on disc (15 if you include Nuketown 2025),
  • You do not need a party to enter any League Play games.
  • Domination is round based with halftime.
  • They have no plans to release Nuketown 2025 to those that did not preorder.
  • To put emblems/tag on Weapons, it’s a weapon prestige benefit.
  • Combat Recorded stats are in League play.

SOURCE: @DavidVonderhaar

  • MrBio

    Thanks for the update, your site is awesome 🙂

  • I’ll be playing it on Wii U, and I pre-ordered it from gamestop, but they won’t give me Nuketown 2025.

    • Angergasm

      Wii U lol

      • Nejiseepersad

        hey dont be hating… i saw the actual game in action… you’d be surprised how clean it looks.. but yea wii u lol 😀

      • Alec Sisson

        What’s so ‘lol’ about the WiiU?

        • ForYourInformation

          WiiU is not the console for BO2 it’ll suck

      • Ggwonton

        What’s wrong with the Wii U? Just because it’s Nintendo? I was definitely disappointed in the Wii, but the Wii U looks very promising.

    • Activision hasn’t discussed Nuketown 2025 for Wii U, so I don’t think they will get it to that platform. Not confirmed

  • basketball12136

    In public game modes, is Domination going to be round based again, or is that just a private match or LAN option? I personally like the normal Domination better…

    • unknown

      in pub matches its round based 🙁

  • Guest

    If you have no secondary, you can pick up a gun and your primary will stay.
    why would anyone run a secondary other than a stinger then? unless the draw time of primary weapons is extremely slower than pistols?
    also do league play stats, eg. kdr average with pub stats or do they have a separate set of stats? because i can imagine a lot of people would be put off league play if the stats are universal

  • Mm
  • The Flash

    those who didnt pre-order wont receive NT 2025, but those couldnt have done dont get it either? what about NT Zombies

    • Nuketown Zombies is exclusive to the Care Package or Hardened Editions.

  • Durp

    Glad to know there’s a lot of new info being released.

    Gamestop.com is still selling Care Package editions.

  • incubusman421

    I have a feeling that if they don’t make Nuketown 2025 available to people that didn’t pre-order, there will not be many people playing on it a year from now… They should at least make it buyable as DLC once all the DLC has come out by September or October of next year.

  • Rafael

    what happend if in your country thers not pre order? i want to play nuketown 2025