Treyarch’s Mark Lamia, Dan Bunting and Jimmy Zielinski sit down with GameTrailers TV and answer some Black Ops 2 Zombie questions.

What secrets lay hidden in Black Ops II’s zombie mode? We talk to the man behind it to find out!


SOURCE: GameTrailers

  • Khenley14

    dont even have to say first comment

  • Fygas

    what’s the new info from this video?

    • Mihir678900


  • The Flash

    yeah we’ve been asking for 8 player COOP zombies

  • Oh My LORD

    Omg the guy in the middle may have accidently leaked info around 14:00
    he said you get a choice between if you want to go or stay on the bus. he said the bus is leaving, so you have to make a decision. Maybe you dont control when the bus leaves, it has a schedule! :O

    • Stijnjansen

      that was already known long time, it has a zombiedriver and keeps on going around the map..

      • Yjfjyfjy

        not a zombie its a robot

  • y0ungcapc0m

    Treyarch Needs to Bring back the Flame thrower from WaW

    • And bo1 -.-‘…

    • Delunadavid87


  • Mike Jones

    I sead it once I’ll say it again. All the content can’t fit on one disk Xbox is holding gaming back. Just think what the game would be like if they had a blu-ray disk size. Instead we have to pay for a lot of that won’t fit on the disk. Xbox get your shit together PS3 for the win baby.

    • Brandon

      That’s why they put big games on 2 discs smart one. They aren’t holding anything back, they could do two discs if they wanted.

    • ORB1T4L

      Suuure, when 99% of the PS3 games can fit on 1 DVD -_- 9Gb on a 25Gb disc is a waste of disc space and money (blu-rays are expensive).

      • Phoenix_flyer

        99% of the games have to fit onto a DVD disc to accommodate for the XBOX 360, you could not have the same game with more content for the PS3 XBOX 360 customers would complain. There is games exclusive to PS3 that use the full capacity of the Blu Ray disc.

  • Ayrton Gruijters

    Guys both XBOX360 and PS3 have good things in them and one part of the PS3 is better than the part in the XBOX360 but guys they both aren’t perfect and both have games which can be played stop nagging at each other for having a different consoles. Yeah i got both and still i know the best platform and thats the PC so everyone just accept that some people have a PS3 of XBOX360 and just have fun playing the game instead of nagging at each other for nothing.

  • I agree with Europeans Xbox is just a fucking butch ass device Xbox u need to pay to play online when psn are free so Americans shut the fuck up