Zach Steel, iJustine, FPS Russia, Omar Sy, Robert Downey Jr. And many more..

The explosive :60 second high-octane piece, titled “Surprise,” will be unveiled on network television in the U.S. tonight on Monday Night Football and will rollout worldwide across high-profile telecasts including elite European football matches.

The official Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 live action trailer, directed by Guy Ritchie, takes you into the high-speed world of near-future weaponry. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 arrives globally on 11.13.12.

UPDATE: Our buddy @_N7_ compiled screenshots of the known actors in the trailer [work in progress]


  • Henk

    first! nice trailer

  • Alex

    Surprise mofo 😀

  • lMattW

    I don’t recognize a number of the people in it. Can anyone list them?

  • Aussie Legend

    Great trailer! The only ones I can pick are the obvious ones: Robert Downey Jnr, Jack Black, FPS Russia (made me seriously lol) and Justine Ezarak (sorry if that’s spelt wrong).

    Bring on Nov. 13!

  • LiquidCourage311

    The only ones I knew were Robert Downey Jr. and FPS Russia.

  • Storin

    guys could help me in providing only the link of the video that my job is blocked

  • moi

    omar sy, fps russia, rdj and i thought horse lady was ali larter

  • Syx

    None of them look like Jack Black or Zach Galifianakis.

    • Ocasiojoe

      Zack is the guy who gets the Semtex from horse lady
      Anyone know who horse lady is..?

      • xxxxx

        Thats not Zach.

    • KH91

      jack black is the first sniper.. hes just got a beard he usually doesnt have

      • Foxernator

        You need to get your eyes checked bro it ain’t JB

  • moi

    im sorry but i dont see jack black and zach galifianakis

    • Ggwonton

      Jack Black is the man left of the middle picture.

      • looks more like seth mcfarlane to me

      • moi

        nooooooo, that’s not jack, trust me ;), pause the pic when that guy turns around and you’ll see its not jack black

  • lMattW

    FPSRussia should have worn pants that fit.

  • ORB1T4L

    Omar Sy ? Seriously ? That’s exactly the kind of guys I hate, he plays in shit films and he thinks he’s a great actor just because a bunch of assholes nominated him for a stupid award. PS : He played a modern slave in a french movie and he’s proud of it… -_-‘

  • semtex is The Amazing Jonathon

  • Fakenamelmao

    The fact that Ijustine was in this annoys the crap out of me…..Also that is Jack Black.

    • moi


    • AmazingSuperHick

      Definitely not Jack Black. That guy looks nothing like JB.

      • Coolgut

        That is not jack black

        • 99turtles

          No, the center left picture is definitely Jack Black

          • JackThomasDaniels

            Thats Danilo Di Julio mate

      • BlackOps2

        You should get your eyes checked out, or Google search Jack Black because that is definetely Jack Black.

        • Me

          His name is Danilo Di Julio, def not Jack Black

          • Sam Smyly

            the guy in the middle of the middle column is Danilo, the guy to his left is jack black

          • Brandon

            The guy to the left is not Jack Black. He is not even in this Video.

          • NotJackBlack

            Ok not even close. That is not Jack Black…AT ALL. Fucking idiots man…

        • NotJackBlackYouFuckStain

          You are a retard. Not Jack Black. Jack Black commented on that as well. Isn’t him.

        • u suck

          its 2012 not 2004

        • WRONG

          danilo di julio

        • Tatesmash

          The guy below Fpsrussia is definantly Jack Black.

      • Josephmcmahan44

        Never call Jack black JB that’s just demiening Jack is alot cooler than Justin bieber

    • Chris Ilott

      …no. Agree with Ijustine though

    • Youreafuckstain

      Wrong. Jackass.

      • Jarkar

        Yeah it not him it just that part when he speaks has that JB accent and when he raises his eye brow and turns head lil bit lookish lik him if he had his hair jelled back

    • Me

      Danilo Di Julio

    • Whocares422
    • Dono

      Actually it’s Danilo Di Julio… but it would be really cool if Jack Black was in it!

  • Ardalista

    Paul Rae bottom left?

  • AmazingSuperHick

    Come on people. Jack Black and Zach Galifianakis ARE NOT in this trailer. The horse lady is Jessica Chobot. Semtex guy is The Amazing Johnathan, As for the sniper and the XM8 guy……i have no clue who that is.

    • sadrobot8

      FALSE the horse lady has blond hair

  • Thomas

    People have confirmed that the sniper is Jack Black, coming from Treyarch themselves.

    • AmazingSuperHick

      The people saying that are lying too. That is not Jack Black. Doesnt even look like him.


  • Notfound402
    • AmazingSuperHick

      Lol. you are blind.

      • Notfound402

        LOL. you are blind

        • AshesEra

          That is NOT Jack Black. It’s Danilo Di Julio

  • Saintsxliv10

    Zach Galifinakas?

    • AmazingSuperHick

      No. Its The Amazing Johnathan. A magician/comedian

  • Me

    Its not JACK BLACK, its this guy

  • GreenLego

    I’ve read that it is Danilo Di Julio with the sniper (middle left)

  • Freelovepark

    Zach Galifinakis on the bottom left (Allen from the Hangover) and Jack Black above him.

  • theFuzzyChicken

    The first sniper is Danilo Di Julio

  • AshesEra

    Bottom left is Zach Galifianakis

  • Anon

    think bottom left is zach galifianakis

  • Dave

    Bottom left, Zach Galifianakis?

  • Chris Ilott

    This is the most awesome trailer ever! FPSRussia’s bit was so good 😀 “surprise horse lady!”

  • bertus

    i dont know who it is. but he sure as hell looks like jack black in this piece. btw he sounds like him to.

  • Pyroxninja

    If I’m not mistaken, the guy with the headband is The Amazing Jonnathon

  • Pyroxninja

    Am I the only person trying to figure out who the short-haired guy is? The partner that gets blown up by semtex.

    • Ardalista

      I think it’s an actor named Paul Rae but could be wrong, what do you reckon?

  • Foxernator

    Jack Black ain’t in this trailer…

  • Mee Lee

    Danilo Di Julio is the guy that looks like jack black

  • LiquidCourage311

    The semetex is definitely the amazing johnathan, and I would bet anyone $100 that is NOT Jack Black!!

  • Mrboss05

    There is another guy w/o a screen shot. He has a quick camera time with the bottom left guy (the one that looks like john goodman lol) right before the simtac. You can see him bottom left in the horse girl screen shot. Know him?

  • Trosc-Pleosc

    Horse Lady is probably Tricia Helfer,because her voice is really close to it.

  • Antimanele104

    OK,so I’m pretty much sure right now that horse lady is indeed Tricia Helfer(she voices Kerrigan in Starcraft 2,and since Activision and Blizzard work together,I suppose that makes some sense) because her voice matches perfectly,also she is very skinny and she is also blonde.
    P.S.:I may still be wrong whatsoever,but one thing is for sure:horse lady IS NOT Jessica Chobot(she isn’t blonde and is not really that skinny)

  • Whateves

    that is the guy from hangover

  • Rbguirado

    Zach Galifianakis (botton left picture)

  • UberJhon

    Missing two guys!

    1. Zach Steel – 00:01
    2. Danilo Di Julio – 00:10
    3. Justine Ezarik – 00:13
    4. ? – 00:16
    5. Omar Sy – 00:18
    6. Robert Downey Jr – 00:21
    7. ? – 00:30
    8. John Edward Szeles – 00:30
    9. Jessica Chobot – 00:32
    10. Kyle Lamar Myers – 00:37
    11. Zach Steel – 00:45

  • TAVO-is-BEaST85o (PS3)

    The guy in the down left corner is Zach Galifianakis and that one is JACK BLACK.

  • Far Europe

    Horse lady is NOT Jessica Chobot,it’s not that I don’t like her,but it really does not resemble anything like her.

  • Asdgfdfgdfghfdghsfsdf

    lol @ all these idiots who think that is Jack Black…….

  • Ethniclycleanseallstupidpeople

    I can’t believe how many people think that is Jack Black and Zach Galifianakis. I mean even when you look at pictures of them and compare to Danilo Di Julio and The Amazing Jonathon it’s clear it isn’t Zach and Jack.

    I think the people saying this are just trolls and trying to get a thrill by being annoying.

  • Johngrabsla2

    down left pic is zach galifianakis

  • Latgal

    Who left of Omar Sy?

  • Gene

    This is The Horse Lady

  • Gene

    This is The Horse Lady…NOT Jessica Chobot