It’s almost November 13th… You guys are almost there! Unfortunately the flood gates have opened for Black Ops 2 leaks. Now would be a good time for a media blackout if you don’t want the campaign or zombie experience ruined for you. That’s just our 2 cents, but it’s up to you on what you decide to view.

Maybe if the leaks were 1080p capture quality? But they’re not… As @TrollinThunder put it, “the leaks look like they were recorded with a potato..”

You’ve been warned…

  • Drew


  • ??anonymous??

    is this the menu?

    • anono

      i think its a early devoloper menu thats why theres isn’t any visual Fx

      • dafuq

        there is visual FX

      • Stfu

        An early developer menu!? Are you fucking retarded? This is the release copy of the game.

  • I2iipped

    Were the multiplayer Leaks i could care less about anything else

  • PS3 up yours

    what are the links

  • PS3 up yours

    omg people what are the links

    • Legit

      They have all been taken down already

      • PS3 up yours

        really what the

  • PS3 up yours

    i swer im getting mad what are the links

  • PS3 up yours

    see how i write in underline

  • PS3 up yours

    like an italic boss



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  • PS3 up yours

    thanks u shall be followed

  • Boupload

    Before reading article I thought “overload” was gonna be the name of a multiplayer map!

  • Jgspinelli

    You guys should use yellow to any spolier

  • If you want to see zombie gameplay just Google video search “Black ops 2 zombie gameplay” and set the time to “last hour”. There are a few videos that confirm some speculation and even show stuff we didn’t know about such as the “northern hemisphere” in green run

  • sam

    I swear i’ll stop looking at the leaks after this lol.

  • This is gonna be awesome! Btw, the MW3 disc makes a great coaster for my coffee cup.

  • Slenderman

    There are so many zombies leaks lately its insane!

  • P-M-J

    https://plus.google.com/103642388679178641459/posts leaked zombie gameplay and some of the single player 🙂

  • Xbox123

    There is a leaked gameplay of black ops 2 zombies nuketown it looks incredible the pack a punch is in the garden of the green house lemonparty.com is the site enjoy guys 🙂

  • JJ

    can you leak a video

  • JJ

    can you leak a zombie video

  • Icy

    theres 12 minute zombies gameplay uppp

  • Aaron Quin

    There’s a load of leaks on this channel:

    (And guess what? They haven’t been filmed using a potato, is 720p HD good enough for you?)