Looks like the first image of the retail copy of Black Ops 2 just hit the web. Majority of the people on twitter seem to think it’s the Hardened Edition.

UPDATE: More photos of the Hardened Edition emerge. Along with these photos, several menu/campaign/zombie images are starting to surface. We’ll use our discretion when it comes to leaks now and we still promise NOT to spoil the singleplayer or campaign for you guys.

[nggallery id=410]

Let us know what you think in the comments below..

SOURCE: @Strwrsbob and shadow.wizard from DW247

  • Matthan


  • Random

    It does say steelbook under it

  • Stefano Toscan

    seems the hardened edition

  • Uribe Rodirguez_108

    I don’t understand why the don’t show it from the begin is like almost the title not the big thing I remember in gamescom they don’ t want it to show because was a secret , i feel disappointed

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          • ResoluteRai

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        • David

          PS3 more in japan and europe. Xbox more in America (continent, not USA). Both have their pros and cons so shut the fuck up

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        • Durp

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    • Triforcemike

      ps3 all day

    • Atom

      “fuck xbox bitch”

      Do these types of comments make your day brighter? What’s the point? 😀


    Whats next a picture of the overpriced Dragonfly thing from the carepackage in action? OMG!

  • ScribeRothchild.

    The case is the hardened edition (Think back to Treyarch’s care package unboxing. The artwork behind the disc and booklet is the same special artwork that Mr. Lamia himself referenced in that video. Also as “Random” already pointed out it says “STEELBOOK” on the case under the disc.) But I doubt the little booklet inside the case and the actual disc graphic changes between editions.
    So I would say that the case is the hardened but the disc and booklet are universal.

  • Moneybagz

    Yeah its the hardened edition most definitely.

  • That is the steelbook case!

  • Chris Ilott

    Yep hardened edition, STEELBOOK. Shame It’s PS3 😉

    • Turtleinga78

      Who cares if its an Xbox or ps3 disc, there the same thing lol. Only deference is Psn doesn’t overload you with advertisements!!!!!!

      • ORB1T4L

        No, you’re right on this point dude, but want it or not, the Xbox Live has a way better service. The big advantage with the PSN service is that it’s free. See ? Everyone has an advantage here so please stop crying over stupid shits. Both consoles are great and they both have pros and cons !

      • Chris Ilott

        Listen to @ORB1T4L man, both have pros and cons. PSN is free but for a reason, XBL is a better service and doesn’t get hacked every second so chill bro. And no, there is a difference between an Xbox disc and a PS3 disc. Oh and yeah, It’s spelt difference 😉 again, chill bro.

        • Lolwut

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          Until last week there were no hackers on PSN, and even now it still requires you to have an old version installed to upgrade to the new custom firmware, whereas the Xbox is torn to pieces.

          Sony won the security bout this generation, hands down. Wasn’t water-tight, but we’re practically at the end of this generation and only now has it been blown wide open.

          • Kamehameha5000

            Yeah you’re right about the hackers. I’ve played COD on both XBOX and PS3 and i have never found a hacker. Even on the older games. PSN got hacked once and it got all this shit from XBOX fanboys talking shit

  • The Flash

    so obviously hardened looks nothing like a standard one, its an add on to the previous hardened leak, the only thing wrong is that its for PS3

  • Asdasdssd

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    • Same

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  • Klaniav
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  • 1newveteran

    how far u guys would go? to get a retail copy of black ops 2

  • Mm
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    of course its hardened edition u just showed it 3 news ago
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  • Rock3rGTR

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    i think it form a regular edition cause i dont see metal

  • E3V

    Why is this image important anyway??

    • Vordb

      It shows that the game has indeed gone gold and has likely been shipped out to most major retailers by now.

  • Adder

    deffo hardened edition, as its in a steelbook

  • Durp

    Bah. PS3 version. Warms my heart to see a flame war between the PS3 and the 360. 360 is better~

    I kinda wish for the 360 they split Multiplayer/Singleplayer on separate discs. Zombies would be on the multiplayer disc.

    This would allow more for more content and perhaps HD graphics.

    I know I’m basically copying what Battlefield 3 did for the 360, but it seems like a pretty legit idea

  • Hardened PS3 + session pass 😉

  • Gumbie7

    Man I am so sick of everyone arguing about which console is better. Buy the game on the console you own or like the best and get over it. It is the same game on both consoles as well as PC. I personally own a PS3 and guess what? I pre-ordered it for PS3 and I am super excited to play it, and I am sure that those with and Xbox and PC did the same. Remember there are real people behind these comments, have some respect for each other and stop tearing one another down. Let’s be a little more civil about how we act towards each other.

  • Crumeo

    I dont see how this is news. I received an email from Future Shop 8 days ago telling me they have my care package in hand and are waiting for street date to ship. Retailers have had these for a while.

    What is more disappointing is that there are only people complaining about ps3 vs. xbx (5 years after anybody cared) instead of posting links to in game footage.

    be productive people, gimme leaks!!

  • Blabla

    i pay 150 euro for one ps3 copy 😀

  • ZevoDesign

    Green Run and some other stuff like this here, check it out Charlie Intel 😉

    • Mihir678900

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  • Klaniav
  • Ultima_man

    The updated photos come from Digital Warfare 24/7. At least give credit where it’s due!

  • Klaniav
  • Mihir678900

    anyone know where to see these images that are starting to surface?

  • BO2 Hype

    Where can i see picture leaks ?

  • Mike Figer

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  • Guest

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