It’s about that time of year, where one lucky individual gets Call of Duty before everyone else and begins posting screenshots of their TV while playing.

This image spread fast on Twitter so we decided to post it. The screen above is taken from the new Zombies lobby/menu. What stands out the most is the option to enable/disable “Magic”. We assume they mean the magic box or perks. Feel free to discuss in the comments below..

UPDATE: Looks like TmarTn confirmed a while back -Via @Dat_Saintsfan


SOURCE: Shadow Wizard from DW247 via @OMGitsAliA

  • Magic refers to the mystery box, drops, and perks.

    • Mitch

      Probably yeah. Didn’t they confirm they a while back ago?

    • The Flash

      and PaP

  • Mm

    Hi there, shadow.wizard here, to be clear, I think that Magic is nothing more than disabeling Mystery Box and Max Ammo/Nuke etc. drops. Everything else should stay the same.

  • The Flash

    here is what you can customize, in short not a lot

  • Ian Stone

    It just means if you want the magic box/perk machines/ect on or off. Nothing special.

  • Vikp51

    And of course that lucky someone is a PS3 player. F off XBOX

  • Mr. Adri360

    OMG! ^^

  • Snowgorilla

    Sorry mate, but why bother giving @OMGitsAliA credit when clearly you’ve taken previous pictures off of the same post on digitalwarfare247.com?

  • 4thekillz

    ah so if its off Its like a Zombies but only with wall guns purchasing doors

    • 4thekillz

      Wall Guns and purchasing doors*

  • Jacol

    Im wondering why it says “Green Run – Farm / Survival”, if im not wrong farm is part of map TranZit, not Green Run so what the hell?

    • the way i understood it theres five zombie maps in disc, TranZit just happens to be all five merged into one big map

      • Green Run

        What is Green Run though? Haven’t seen anybody say what it actually is. There’s trophies for it as well.

  • binghiman


  • Mccreaper19

    Seeing these only gets me more hype. less than two weeks

  • Itz_Swifft

    hey if you guys want info on black ops 2 and midnight stuff about it head to my channel RealFlyGaming

  • Younan David

    They better not make it so you have to choose your difficulty on Survival Mode.

  • Klaniav
    • Leezone

      Woah amazing! Fake?

    • Hz_1999

      its real how the hell did u get this!!!!!

  • Barney

    How did he get it so early? D:

  • Jumpkillman

    it looks fake to me and heres why.

    It dosent make sense to put a round slider and also a difficulty slider. Doesent round and difficultly correspond with each other in zombies?

    • Not Fake

      No offence mate, but you clearly haven’t been keeping an eye on the Black Ops 2 info so don’t really know what you’re talking about.
      They already confirmed these options previously – they’re for Private Zombie matches.


    Cant wait to play it Thanks 3arc