According to, they were lucky enough to be seated in a flight right next to Cpt. Price himself, Billy Murray. It appears during the flight, Mr. Murray let it slip that Infinity Ward is hard at work on a sequel to MW3. You guessed it, Modern Warfare 4..

“Yeah, on Monday I am off to meet Infinity Ward about the next game, Modern Warfare 4, I’m doing work on the sequel to Modern Warfare 3, it carries straight on and I only ever appear in the Modern Warfare games…”


*Supposedly the photo above [Billy Murray & ThisIsXbox] was taken right before he discussed MW4

UPDATE: Infinity Ward has confirmed that the rumors are NOT true.


SOURCE: ThisisXbox

  • Drew

    Well shit…

  • JoseB88


  • Camoe

    Infinity Ward has no imagination…

  • Crumeo

    two things I take from this post

    1) There is only one Bill Murray, this is an impostor (probably)

    2) who else is excited for Black Ops 3 in 2014?

    • Nickcarabin

      1. There’s more than one Bill Murray in the world, not just one. You’re an idiot.
      2. Why the hell are you thinking about a Black Ops 3? Black Ops 2 isn’t even (completely) out yet.

      • Hege

        he was joking

  • I Stun Daily

    The amount of facepalming that is occurring right now is not measurable by rational numbers. That is all.

  • affliction4

    Not sure how i feel about this….

  • User1

    Well I don’t care… MW3 killed the MW Series for me so I’m definitely not buying this

  • DavidP

    Good, i enjoy the Warfare series.


    well ya know it wont end until Price is dead…

  • Jls3861

    I hope its better than the trash that was MW3. Worst call of duty yet

  • The Flash

    prepare to rage, do infinity ward learn anything?

  • Haha what a joke…looks like I’ll be playing Black Ops 2 for a while 😀

  • HeyApple

    Bill Murray looks like Sylvester Stallone in this photo

  • True Story


  • Simonstone

    Hahaha what a joke…

  • Blaine

    Wow. Just wow. IW truly is hopeless.

  • Mike Jones

    I think I’ll pass on that cod mw3 was a joke mw4 will be one to.

  • IWs_Last_Chance

    HAHA. First thought: Bill Murray is playing in MW4? WTF???Than i realised: billY Murray.. Always liked the voice of Price. I hope that IW will finally learn from their mistakes, but to be honest, i expect a MOAB as a Deathstreak..

  • Ggwonton

    Please, for the love of God… end the Modern Warfare franchise!
    I just don’t see how MW4 will be necessary…

  • PRO

    They are going to make modern warfare 4 ofcourse.

    The brand name Modern Warfare became so much worth…

    $$ black money

  • Chris Ilott

    great, just what we needed. no innovation from a fourth game !

  • ??anonymous??

    Black ops 2: AWESOME
    MW3: SHIT!

  • Repleteorb2


  • Andrew Westbrook

    Yeah yeah, speculation
    MW4 was revealed even before it ._.

  • Hunterio13

    Here comes another Modern Gayfare

  • Jan

    infinity ward also said: No Last Stand!

  • Zagamo

    Too bad the middle picture is from MW3. Good try there though.

  • Craig

    what happened to

  • boss

    guys look they choose what they want to do it there choice what game they want to do ok mw3 was bad but whatever it there freaking choice if you wanna change it go work there and lets see what you achieve

  • Chris

    IW is LYING!!!! I’m pretty sure that Activision is gonna hire them again for another Call of Duty…. and they’re adding more deathstreaks (like Super Martyrdom Pro, or Grand Finale Stand). Also instead of killing players, you have to convince the other team not to commit suicide (or else they get deathstreaks lol).

  • Kamehameha5000

    If they actually were to I would give up. NO MORE MODERN GAMES! go back to WWII I say or do what Halo did and make a remastered COD4 with no Jugg, no last stand, no martyrdom.

  • Enrique Sanabria

    Please! Infinity Ward don’t do it! just quit! PLEASE! We can’t waste our money on your trash anymore!

  • geust

    i want to post this to say whoever took this comment is a scum bag. he probably told him this in trust not thinking that his comments would be posted on 1000 gaming sites in 2 days.

  • Falah Moammed

    is that mit romney ?!!!

  • Bryan

    Let’s just wait it out and see. If there is a mw4 then we will brand infinity ward as liars and never take there word again.

  • Bob Young

    INfinity might not make it its NEVERSOFT ENTERTAINMENT i give u link

  • Guest

    man i wish mw4 was like cod4 & mw2

  • Ronnie

    You know I don’t care what the character sprites look like, if they just fix the net code