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BigBen Interactive and Amazon France have revealed the first images/look at the official PS3 Black Ops 2 controller.

Features of the controller:

  • 6-axis and tilt sensor technology.
  • 2 vibration motors.
  • USB 2.0 power cable for sync connection and charging.
  • Rechargeable battery: NiMH 700mA.
  • Up to 10 meters range.
  • Backlighted.
  • Non slip, ergonomic triggers for precise gaming.
  • Rubber grip for a perfect handling.

The controller is available for £49.99.

SOURCE: Big Ben and Amazon France


    £50 hahaha fuck that

  • Nikzvby

    Looks like shit LOL

  • affliction4

    That thing is UGLY!!!!!!!

  • Mitch

    Looks like shit. One thing Iike about the ps3 controller is the 4 d-pad buttons which this one doesn’t have and they should have kept Circle etc. on the buttons.

    • Ozpunx

      im guessing you’ve never opened a ps3 controller, the dpad is one button, just looks like 4

      • Hege


        • Ozpunx


  • Ray’

    you can never beat an official xbox or ps3 controller, so I dont recommend this at all

  • Neon

    Another £20-£30 just because it has a black ops sticker on it? Fuck it, I’d rather buy a normal one then buy some fancy little stickers and put them on it rather than buy that -.-

  • 2 vibration motors.. Wow

  • David

    Ugly as hell. Xbox has def better controllers, in my opinion (I have both consoles)

  • incubusman421

    I am surprised they didn’t feature the Xbox 350 controller since they are so in bed with MS…

  • Angelo Louis

    How about adding atleast some l3+r3 buttons behind the controller? That and remove that sticker on the front.

  • velocity360

    middle looks shit but light up orange rings is sick 😀

  • John

    cost more than the game

  • Ftmgfxs

    when can i buy this in the united states 🙁

  • gmad

    what about the xbox controller?

  • mike vanseveren

    Sorry I find this very ugly

  • mike

    how you can installer black ops 2 controller ps3 vibration

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