Here’s your daily dose of Black Ops 2 leaks. These images quickly made the rounds on Twitter and should give you an idea of what to expect when you fire up Black Ops 2 for the first time in 13 days.

As MP1st reported, it appears “Turbine” is missing in action. Previously there were 14 leaked/confirmed maps.

UPDATE: The map selected in the image is “Aftermath”, not “Turbine” as many twitter people suggested.. And someone else pointed out that it appears “Promemade” was renamed to “Plaza”. After further investigating it appears that “Promemade” was changed to “Plaza”, and that “Slums” became what Plaza was supposed to be.


SOURCE: Shadow Wizard from DW247 via MP1st

  • Drew
    • PrimeEchoes

      Promenade appears to be named Plaza now.

      • Ed

        in the earlier pics of the maps, it shows that plaza and promenade were different maps… soooo…

      • Kamehameha5000

        From the gameplay i saw, plaza didn’t fit the description of Promenade. It’s a mall type thing, not a nightclub. They must have scrapped it.

        • Nick

          Promenade was originally called nightclub in the files so that means plaza was supposed to look like a nightclub.

    • Read Plaza’s description. Samething.

    • Lolwut

      Slums = Plaza
      Plaza = Promenade

  • AmazingSuperHick

    Looks like Turbine is missing from the list.

  • Manu-maniac

    Plaza Is the name of promenade and I think if u look behind the map list turbine is the one loaded

    • michael

      You’re wrong… It’s aftermath.

    • No. It’s Aftermath

  • michael

    What the fck happened to Turbine?

  • Bob

    Sorry to ask a stupid question, but where is hardcore?

    • Kamehameha5000

      This is the “Core” playlist.

      • Jacol

        On the left you can notice theres only Standard and Party playlist categories, Hardcore is missing in fact

        • Lolwut

          It is private match config, hence no Hardcore/Core menu, only ‘Standard/Party’.

          Party games are only available as private matches. Not available for public games.

          • Party

            Party games ARE available for public.

          • The Flash

            actually there not which is extremely irritating, though playing it can still earn you XP

        • Jgspinelli

          well hardcore its just a mode full of campers, noobtubers, snipers and one-hit-kill weapons. Its just good for trollin 😛

  • Ed

    so there are only 15 maps with nuketown for the first few months? doesn’t seem like enough, but then again, it may be plenty.

    • Ed

      plus, it doesn’t look like turbine in the background… it looks like it says aftermath.

    • Nope.

      MW3 had less.

      • Lolwut

        No it didn’t, it had more. MW3 has 16 maps.

        BO2 has 14.

        But it isn’t about how many, it is about quality. Think about it, MW3 has 16 maps, but how many do you play?

        When does Outpost ever come up as an option, let alone voted for? Can’t remember the last time I played it and I play MW3 a lot.

        Downturn, also hardly ever played.

        Fallen is seldom selected. Bakaara also seems less popular these days, along with thankfully, Interchange.

        • Vordb

          Carbon and Downturn have to be the least played maps in MW3.

          • Argy

            When Carbon came up the other day, I was like “Oh, I forgot this was a map.”

        • Ed

          that’s why i said it didn’t seem like enough, but then again, it may be plenty… if they are good maps, i could be satisfied with 10 maps.

          i played a game of domination on outpost the other day… it was like a new map, because i hadn’t played it in 5 months! and i didn’t choose that map, i was put into a game in progress. i’ve only seen downturn a few times in the last few months.

    • Lord Kranikz

      you have zombie maps too remember?

  • No Pub version of multi team deathmatch? Or is that under Party? Well nice to see KC is still going to be around for this game.


    • Lolwut

      Private match setup. Private matches do not have ground war.

      Party games are also not available in public games.

      • *duh* should have known this was private. Thanks Double bonus though to know that KC is available as a PM 🙂

  • Kamehameha5000

    Where’s ground war?

    • Lolwut

      Private match setup. Private matches do not have ground war.

  • KH91

    no groundwar? Thats disappointing :/

    • Lolwut

      Private match setup. Private matches do not have ground war.

  • Dean




  • Delltell147

    Where is sabatoge??

    • Lolwut

      Private match setup, not public match. But cannot confirm sabotage returns. I recall them saying it was being ditched?

    • Gone.

  • J.N

    ok guys i’m helping you out here plaza is now Slums (look at the loading screen of it that charlie intel posted earlier) and then promenade is now called plaza this is how it is!

    but i have no idea what happened to turbine 🙁

    • We are trying to see what happened to Turbine too, and will inform once we can!

  • Karan8patel

    nooooooooooo team defender

  • Chris Ilott

    Where the hell is Turbine then? 😛

  • Y u no have turbine BOP2 disc.

  • Lololooool

    re:lolwut, it seems no1 understands what you are saying, so the game modes you see in that picture is PRIVATE match, not find match, meaning there is GW, hardcore and multi team tdm etc in public matches, im only saying this that way there’s no confusion,

  • Dean Ball

    Aren’t Hardpoint and Headquarters pretty much the same thing?

  • PrimeEchoes

    Most likely they are still working on the software before release, which is probably one of the only reasons why Turbine is missing (Probably a bug or issue(s) in the map), and gamemodes are missing (Chances are they’re being tweaked before release)

  • AmazingSuperHick

    The leak was fake. Turbine was never removed. https://twitter.com/DavidVonderhaar/status/264083244255940608

  • Prokard

    Promenade and Turbine is in the DEV category (Development (not done) )!!
    So it is just not done yet!
    Making Maps take a while!
    1. Idéa (done)
    2. Base (done)
    3. Designe (done)
    4. Making it PERFECT for a good gaming experience! (Done i think)
    5. Finding those glitches that can ruin the game for almost everybody! (Thats what they are working on, i think)
    This might not be correct for this map bu t take a look on this site and you can see that promenade is in DEV and thats why you cant choose it in private match!

    • Prokard

      Turbine is just higher up in the list!
      And again i’m not sure!
      I am just as breifed as you are!

  • Jaakko Lehtonen

    Turbine will be in the full game, David Vonderhaar tweeted about it