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Activision has released the official tour of Nuketown 2025. Watch the video to get a in-depth look and what the 2025 version of Nuketown will be like!

A vision of the future comes to life. Nuketown 2025 is yours FREE when you pre-order Call of Duty: Black Ops 2! Download the bonus map during launch week and you’ll also get access to Double XP Launch Weekend, November 16-18.

Official Nuketown 2025 Description:


Small, simple, and lending itself to a variety of playstyles, the first Nuketown was an arena-style multiplayer map that promoted the fast-paced action Call of Duty fans around the world have come to love, becoming an instant fan-favorite in the original Call of Duty: Black Ops. Featuring a unique art design, Nuketown 2025’s reimagined 50’s depiction of the “Model Home of the Future” takes that familiar close-quarters chaos into the future in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

  • Zigafarm

    Damn you are fast o.O

  • BrittlePowerz

    Nuketown looks ruined… :,(

    • Booker T

      Are you on crack looks sexier than everrrrr!!!!!!

    • TJ Corcoran

      How is it ruined? If you look, the layout is 100% the same. They’ve just reskinned it. Don’t worry, I’m sure whatever spot you camped in is still there!

    • Kelvinhorst

      Are u serious? This is great:)

    • The Flash

      no it doesnt it looks way better, least work has been put into it cough’terminal’cough

  • Lucas_008

    Looks insane, the colouring and overall look of the map looks fantastic

  • HellYeahMyNameIsNotHere

    they showed almost everything in the game, except for nuketown zombies! looking forward for that #CantWait

  • binghiman

    oooohh yeah, this game is coming *-*

  • OicvDJJI

    just awesome

  • Ryanwil22

    if you dont pre order the game do you still get nuketown 2025

    • bambi


      • Argy

        Actually yes. They said that all discs in the first shipments to stores will have Nuketown 2025. Besides, it would be too hard to coordinate who bought on launch day and who pre-order purchased the day before.

        • Dumbass

          No they did not.

        • Karim

          I read that those who pre-ordered will get a voucher in the game case that will have a download code, so i guess the ones that purchase on release day won’t get that voucher. So to answer your question the answer is no… for now (i don’t know if Treyarch plans to offer it in future DLC, my best bet is just to preorder and enjoy this awesomeness

        • KH91

          actually no, vonderharr specifically stated they have no plans to give nuketown 2025 to anyone who did not preorder. Also most of the places are going to give you a code, its not on the disc.

  • Mr. Adri360

    Oh Yeah Treyarch!

  • IGLO92

    Liked the old Activision logo with the sound from game Pitfall at the end. Really like that nod to that game released 30 years ago in 1982

  • Aaronsnielsen

    Nuketown is one of the worst designed maps in the entire CoD franchise. Two houses and a street? Lame. At least open up the third house…

    • Crumeo

      you are so very wrong. It is one of the smartest designed multiplayer maps around.
      it is amazing for a number of reasons:
      1) its not terribly large, yet the center of the map is completely in play; its totally viable to hang out around the bus/cargo truck in game modes like domination without an unreasonable fear of being camped to death, and its not a hot spot for grenades. Even most big maps have a center area that is overly exposed, not the case here.

      2) the map mixes long sight lines and close combat impressively. You can sit in the backyard on the bus side and snipe, or run and gun in the homes or street.

      3) have two homes deters camping because there is exact opposite window to camp in. If you are going to sit there and pick people off, you better be good or you wont last long.

      4) people who run around like a lunatic typically dont like nuketown, but you dont play it like cod4 shipment. It is small but manages not to be a clusterfuck. you are never out of the action, but far enough that when you spawn you can make a tactical decision before proceeding.

      5) the only time this map is difficult is if enemy has a chopper gunner, but dont let them get one and you will be fine.

      • Adam Nord

        “the center is not a hot spot for grenades”, B.S!!! and everything else is easier said than done, especially when enemy spawns behind you, or you spawn in front of the enemy

        • Dirtknap

          Sounds like you let the opposing team routinely run a train on you or you don’t know/understand the spawns? Either way you probably need to alter your play style/class to suit the situation, work on situational awareness, tactical movement, spawns etc.

          • Adam Nord

            Its usually because I play with a team of randoms, (explains it all) so they are just all over the place, causing the spawns to get messed up. On average I have a 2.4 k/d per game, so its not that I suck that bad. 🙂 lol My play style is that I like to sit back and watch my teammates rush and get killed, and then I’ll pick up the kills afterwards.

          • Dirtknap

            Sounds like you make thae most of it and have it locked down as much as possible, that’s a relief, lol! Sometimes playing with randoms isn’t so bad, but I still tend to backpack my team in most situations.

      • Durp

        In a nutshell, this is Nuketown. Glad to know they kept the original design.

      • Dirtknap

        I agree with everything you said except the bit about the grenades, unless you’re talking about the absolute dead centre of the map, even so, if you know how to navigate the map and pick your moments nades shouldn’t be a huge issue.

    • Shawn Hatley

      When you preorder black ops 2 it comes with a voucher code is it free to download nuketown 2025 on PlayStation store

  • First Last

    you can see the RC-XD passage that was in Nuketown, so happy they brought theese back.

  • Kamehameha5000

    This… looks… amazing! Nuketown was my favorite MP map ever in COD! I can’t wait to play combat-training! Time to call in my puppies!

  • Durp

    This is going to be a loooooong twelve days. Skyrim came out a year ago, on the 11th, and it felt like the longest eleven days.

    At least I’ve got something to occupy my time with this time around.

  • Aussie Legend

    This actually makes me more excited to play Nuketown Zombies more than Nuketown 2025 (not that this doesn’t look fantastic, cause it does) 🙂

  • TylerDingo

    Will i be able to buy this and nuketown zombies if i didn’t pre-order?