7 Days straight to be exact. Machinima Live will be streaming Black Ops 2 non-stop for 7 days starting the Sunday before Black Ops 2 launches.

That means you’ll be able to watch Black Ops 2 for 48hrs straight prior to launch. You can catch the live stream HERE on Machinima’s Channel when they start.

UPDATE: Machinima has now updated their page (and tweet) to reveal the Livestream will now begin on Monday Nov. 12th instead…


SOURCE: Machinima Live Channel Via @IcyTrexGaming

  • Woopwoop


  • Code_zero172

    Nice thats awesome

  • Mccreaper19

    I don’t think I’m gonna be watching this especially after release those machinima guys usually finds ways to kill and wear out the games and just kill the hype

  • Strike

    Definitely will not watch. I can wait the extra 2 days if it means not having the first few hours of super fun new game gameplay ruined.

    • RIPPER

      sooo true

  • Maybe…

    May watch a little bit, only if it’s multiplayer ’cause my zombies experience is always 10X better when i go through it myself and the campaign, well i don’t like spoilers to the story really…

  • Beasley

    I’m gonna have the game on Saturday, 10th. 😉

    • Cyclekid007

      post video on fake youtube channel codbeast

  • SavvyerHD

    Ill be livestreaming few days earlier with better Stream Quality (up to 5-6 Mbit / second) and Gamepaly quality on


    If youre interested, make sure to follow me on Twitch, will be badass stuff.

    • Kamehameha5000

      only if you can show all the gun camos!

  • Its not 48 hours as that is 2 days, if it is 7 days therefore 7*24 which is 168 hours

    • SawyerHD

      someone learned how to sum numbers..

      everything is correct, the stream starts 48 hours before official realease of the game on 13th november.

      now you just need to learn to read and youre good to go.

      • A sum is the answer to an addition problem, he was finding the product

  • Durp

    Yay just what we need. A stream from a crappy player (most likely) who most likely doesn’t know how to play very good.

  • Dildo

    I just got the game from work, yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! Zombies is a blast……

    • The Flash

      dont wanna know

  • Ozpunx

    wow this is bs. how is it that machinima can do this all the time. im so sick of rules being in place and set but not applying to machinima. whats the point of release dates anymore


    Why watch people play when you can play yourself???

  • Kamehameha5000

    technically i’ll be getting it earlier than a very good majority of the world. Since I live in Australia, I get it almost a day earlier than those who live in america 😛


    I already have the game…no point though since servers are not up yet, and I personally don’t care about campaign or offline zombies…