Earlier this morning, Treyarch’s David Vonderhaar sent out several tweets on how you can rank up fast when the game is released. He also advised to be careful on when you begin live streaming (should you get the game before midnight).

Here are 5 pro-tips from Treyarch’s David Vonderhaar:

5. Pre-order. You get Nuketown 2025 and that will have DoubleXP for a few days.

4. Prestige the weapons you are having success with. Each time you rank up a weapon, you get a small level XP bonus.

3. Complete challenges and challenge sets. They pay lots of bonus XP.

2. You need to complete Prestige 10 to become Prestige Master. Only a Prestige Master won the race.

1. Don’t post or stream before the game is officially released on Nov 13. The race starts then and not a minute earlier. *Charlie INTEL has confirmed with Activision PR that it’s midnight YOUR local time*

People can put up MP gameplay starting at midnight their local time. Please do not post campaign spoilers. We also ask that people avoid putting up Tranzit videos for 24 hours so the community can discover the initial offering on their own.

SOURCE: @DavidVonderhaar

  • Chris Ilott

    What race is he on about? πŸ˜› what about the livestream requirements too???

    • Rock3rGTR

      The race for the YT MUNAY

    • BajorMellend

      He’s talking about the “race to prestige.” and livestream requirements have not really been announced. They have only said you need to have good up steam bandwidth.

    • Adam Nord

      haha, the race to see who can become the next famous youtuber. Def not me because I have 1 mb upload.

  • Alex Davis

    I haven’t heard about this “race” thing once and I check GI and here several times a day >_>


      It’s not a race per se. It’s just a little yearly thing that YouTubers do every year when Call of Duty comes out. Alot of them don’t have lives, jobs, girlfriends, etc so they turned prestiging in COD games into a annual ” I did it first” contest.

      • Alex Davis

        Damn dude, thanks for replying with the actual answer XD. Don’t get that on the internet much. I’m just glad it’s not a first party thing with like, real prizes I guess, because I know that I couldn’t win it thanks to the people you mentioned. Still a neat thing to follow on YT though I suppose.

  • David

    what should I do if in my country black ops 2 is not available to pre-order? :L

  • The Flash

    I’m from UK, if i get my BO2 on the 12th am i allowed online (not uploading vids or anything)

    • Drift

      No. You could post campaign or zombie footage but it would probably be taken down and you’d have a strike on your account if they catch you, which they probably will. If they catch you online (and they can see) then Microsoft or Sony can just ban you off of online.

    • Skater 1294

      Don’t listen to the other dude lol, of course you can play the game before release, just don’t post videos untill its 12am ur time πŸ™‚

  • I live in Australia so we get it about 18 hours before the rest of the world, can we post Zombies Survival gameplay?

    • Skater 1294

      I’d say so man, just not Tranzit gameplay!

  • John

    ill play the game and post when i like ,thank you very much

  • Chris

    STUFF LEARNED IN THE PIC : Vonderhaar is a noob. πŸ˜€

  • Sam Smyly

    whats this race hes talking about?