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The Elite update has now also revealed all 14 Black Ops 2 multiplayer map loading screens. What’s interesting is that Promenade is the same now and Turbine is also present unlike the previous “leaked” screenshots.

Also interesting to note: Nuketown 2025 has not been posted into the Elite files yet.. Who’s excited for “Carrier”?!?

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SOURCE: Elite via DW247 and CallofdutySeries.De

  • Nothingbutthetruth

    If these maps are anywhere near as bad as the original MW3 maps, then it’s an instant lose for BO2

    • Brett M. Haeck

      ummm 2 different developers there bucko, plus Treyarch way better at CoD than IW

      • Jgspinelli

        Treyarch maps are good for Ground Wars, while in MW3 maps you only have three ways to across the map

      • Darksider

        I agree Treyarch are the better the two by far

        • Argy

          idk, I think Old IW was better than 3Arc

          But New IW is incompetent as all get out. Ravensoft and Sledgehammer are like… B- game makers at best.

      • EricEvans

        Infinity ward barely even helped for mw3. It was activision and sledgehammer .

    • Dont forget some of the maps have “interactive” enviroments 😉

      • Argy

        Yes, it is nice to see CoD catching up with other games…

    • Banks

      Assuming you’ve played the game by now, I would like to know what you think of the maps.
      Personally I only like 4 of them. (Nuketown 2025, Plaza, Raid and Slums)
      Most of the maps seem more suited for MLG players.

  • HeadshotMachine

    hijacked ftw!!

    • Tom

      Hijacked is acctually one of the best maps BO2

  • Vordb

    Perhaps the supposedly “leaked” list was taken from the closed Beta and not the actual retail release.

    • Slummy

      I don´t think so. Plaza in this image looks like it would be called ‘Slums’ because it´s all slummy and promenade looks like a shopping szylish like ‘Plaza’. The guy who created this image also said that he put the names on this image and was unsure if he had them correct or not.

  • Manny

    Black Ops 1 servers are back up!!!!!! 😉

  • Looking good, looking forward to giving these maps (and Nuketown 2025) a spin in a few short days now 🙂

  • Himsern

    If you could be in the tower on Standoff, that would be awesome!

  • Argy

    I still think the game with the most best maps was CoD4… But if I had to pick a second runner BO1 would be next.

  • Lorhelm

    I have memorized Turbine, cargo, Yemen, and Aftermath. I have my class already set-up. Im good to go 🙂

  • 5stars

    I downloaded nuketown 2025 and for some reason turbine is missing! Anyone else has this problen and is there a fix?

  • Dieg

    the picture of the middle is slums not plaza !

  • IIC13

    This “Promenade” is called “Plaza” and this what you call “Plaza” is calles “Slums”