It appears that the Beachhead Studio team has pushed out a new update for Call of Duty ELITE in preparation for Black Ops 2 launch which is just 10 days away!

They’ve updated the design for the Competitions page and the Clan HQ page. They have made separate viewing areas for MW3 and Black Ops 2 in the Clan HQ, because these games will have different clan ranks.

They have also revealed the Clan Level unlocks for Black Ops 2.

Here are the levels are which you unlock something and what you unlock:

[nggallery id=414]

  • Level 1: Elite Emblem Generator & Snakeskin Clan HQ Background
  • Level 3: Desert Canvas Clan HQ Background
  • Level 5: Elite Clan Calling Card 1 (this is a new item that was not available in MW3)
  • Level 8: New Clan HQ background
  • Level 10: Gold Clan Tag
  • Level 13: New Clan HQ Background
  • Level 14: Elite Clan Calling Card 2
  • Level 18: New Clan HQ Background
  • Level 21: New Clan HQ Background
  • Level 24: New Clan HQ Background
  • Level 27: New Clan HQ Background
  • Level 30: Elite Calling Card 3 and New Clan HQ Background
  • Level 33: New Clan HQ Background
  • Level 36: New Clan HQ Background
  • Level 39: New Clan HQ Background
  • Level 42: New Clan HQ Background
  • Level 45: New Clan HQ Background
  • Level 48: New Clan HQ Background
  • Level 50: Elite Calling Card 4 and New Clan HQ Background
Note: This is could be basic list, and they might add more unlocks as time goes on. We’ll keep you posted. 

There is still no information on how clans can level up in Black Ops 2… 

UPDATE: Also looks likes Beachhead will be supporting Weekly Clan Challenges for Black Ops 2 Zombies: 

SOURCE: Elite (Clan Challenges info here)

  • Mr. Adri360

    Ooh =D Treyarch is the Best!!

  • Daniel Sims

    Hoping for more unlocks. Compared to MW3’s unlocks thats pretty bad.


    the Zombies integration into Clan challenges is pretty sweet. although i wont be touching anything besides MP until im 10th it is still cool. but the unlock list looks pretty basic, they are probably going to roll out a few updates onto ELITE until launch so at launch they aren’t releasing one big update.

  • lMattW

    I’m really only hoping for double xp somewhere in the clan leveling. And it’s cool that zombies will be incorporated into clans. Too bad MW3 clans didn’t have spec ops included in clan stuff, I would have contributed a lot more.

  • Robert Trolling

    Dont buy this game! Buy Modern Deathstreak instead! Stupids

    • Derp

      Thanks for the advice

  • John

    There seems to be alot of gaps in-between the levels hopefully these are filled with xp or else its going to get relay boring

    • Chicken Licken

      There were gaps in MW3 as well. This is actually pretty much the same as MW3, I have no clue what you are talking about.

  • Steve300

    will we get double xp when we ready 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50? they will add more stuff im sure.. but a good start

  • antics

    This is no where close to what MW3 gave you.
    MW3 had about 30 clan backgrounds, BLOPS2 has 16
    MW3 gave 5 titles, BLOPS2 will give 4.
    MW3 gave 5 periods of Double XP and BLOPS2 has none listed.
    MW3 gave 10 emblem packs for clan emblem and I think 16 emblems for in game use, and BLOPS2 gives 1.
    *** the only way the 1 emblem pack would be better/equal to MW3 is if the clan leader can actually create an emblem, and push to game.***
    If this is everything BLOPS2 gives you for a clan, there is a LOT to be desired.

    • scallahan88

      ELITE for MW3 – 49.99 / year
      ELITE for BLOPS2 – FREE

      Although I desire more as well, I cannot complain about a free service.

      • Kriso76

        It may be free , but on MW3 all your DLC was Free

        Now you pay a simlar amount for the DLC on BOps2

        • Nitenite845

          u pay for the pass…not the elite service, stop bitching

          • Cesar_u_hernandez

            Question does anyone no how you rannk up your clan on the blops elite

          • Kajn Luke

            U Participate in clan challenges and Op’s that ur clan founder enlists in and at the time they start and finish. After the completion of the challenge or Op, there will be an awarding.

          • KajnLuke

            MW3 – Pay for the Elite Service and all DLC is Free.
            BO2 – Pay for the “Season Pass” and the Elite Free.
            Big difference? Less content created to encourage Clans in BO2. Emblems, Callsigns, Playercards, etc. No Clan page opposite end of friends so that u can notify clan of objectives that day.

  • Cheesydude211

    I already see people with gold clan tags how is that

  • The gold clan tags arent ‘Gold’ as such, i believe the actual ELITE clan tags will be a vivid yellow, not the faded washout they are now

  • Noob


    • Kajn Luke

      One enrolls in a competition that Treyarch or Bitchhead provides on the clan competition page located here…
      After enrolling in it, for your clan, you inform your clan of the competition and hopefully get 6 people to do the challenge or Op with you. After it’s completion, you will see the awarding.

  • Cmactaggart

    Is there going to be any double xp for your clan lvls were at lvl 8 the now and i dont want to go too far and i miss some xp.

  • CS Bob

    back in my (CS 1.6) day, Everyone gave a crap about playing together and growing as a likeminded group of people, and nobody complained about what clans “rewarded you for” or how many colors your clan tag can consist of. All you got was street cred, and it was everything you could have ever wanted.

    Nowadays, people are whining because they don’t get incentives, merely because the game itself doesn’t offer its stitched-in rewards for doing nothing except sporting a clan tag. (being competitive unfortunately not a requirement)

    I think the real image of the everyday clan has been lost in favor of titles, accolades, in-game rewards, and gun skins.

    I blame it 100% on Matchmaking
    Bring back Dedicated Servers! Bring back the real clans! And their respected servers!

  • Storytella808

    Still no clan titles or calling cards for black ops 2.
    it seems the just want to sell camo for guns instead of fixing this issue.
    when it foirst was introduced to elite page it showed clan titles on bos2.
    after clans started hiting that level it was removed from the website.

  • Rape

    Does anyone know how to start a competition in cod elite

    • Kajn Luke

      One does not Start a competition. One enrolls in a competition that Treyarch or Bitchhead provides on the clan competition page located here…
      After enrolling in it, for your clan, you inform your clan of the competition and hopefully get 6 people to do the challenge or Op with you. After it’s completion, you will see the awarding.

  • TheBackWolf

    can you get more points then what they show you can earn for doing clan competitions for ranking up

    • Kajn Luke

      Depending on what position your clan places at the end of “Operation”, whether it be 1st, top 10% or somewhere below that, is what decides how many points you are awarded.