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A MW3 camo that was locked in the files for a long time has finally been unlocked. The new camo is called “Marine”. Only a few people are reporting it’s there for them. We’re still not sure how exactly you unlock it but it’s finally possible.

This camo was previously only available to Wii Players since launch, however now it’s finally available for Xbox, PS3, and PC.

SOURCE:ย MW3 via DW247

  • Booker T

    Wasn’t this for elite premium founders at launch?!?

    • moriarty_1975

      Nope. As far as i know it was always available on the Wii version.

      • random

        i think u re all crazy because i had to get my accnt hacked to get it so dont listen to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Fishy

      No, it was the snow camo that was for founders.

      • Booker T

        Im normal elite premium i got winter*

  • Chris Ilott

    Before elite came out, they advertised multiple exclusive camos but we only got winter?

  • lMattW

    I’m a founder and I have marine now. Just showed up. I’m also part of a level 30-something clan (in case that matters).

  • I think that you get it by bringing the gun through with ‘unlock gear’ in the prestige shop, ’cause ll the guns that I did that with I now have marine with too..

  • Scratch that, I have it for ALL Primary weapons, I think you have to be over 10th prestige…

  • Jreyna258

    i got marine camo too O.o

  • Milan

    I’m only 7th andi have it on all guns my friends who is 2nd has it too

  • Jacol

    I had it long time ago on PC with some files trick ๐Ÿ˜›

  • do all you people have elite, free, premium or founder?

    • Korflock

      Elite Founder. No Marine camo.
      Do you have all of your guns gold?
      Is there some guns that don’t have it?

  • DyoGTS

    This camo doesn’t show up for me…Elite premium founder, prestige 6,clan level 15.

  • Im a founder, at 16 prestige lvl 80. No Marine camo for me.. i think not at least? ..
    hehe iยดll have to check that later.
    Been running the founder winter camo on all my gunns from start.

  • hmm, seems to be random…. there’s got to be a reason why people like me have it and people like you don’t….

  • Mrjoe

    Im 20th lvl 80 and a founder and nothing here plus clan lvl 16

  • Szxdf

    1 level 80 6 gold guns got it ๐Ÿ˜€ you jel?

  • Matze-f95

    maybe u have to have all Gold Guns (or gun rank 30) to get this camo

  • I’m essentially maxed on MW3 (P20 Level 80, at least 1 maxed gold gun, Clan Level 50, founder and premium) and I don’t have it. I tried resetting my console and logging into Elite, nothing seemed to trigger it. Dunno. Maybe it takes time to roll out.

  • Jason

    no premium no max level no gold guns, yet I have it for every weapon looool

  • corgame3

    you need to use elite get it… i have it

  • Tk2144

    I didn’t do anything to unlock this camo, yet I have it. I think it’s just unlocked right away, like Winter for ELITE users.


    Not got it

  • PrimeEchoes

    I tried going into elite, but I didn’t get it. Maybe IW hasn’t fully implemented a method to obtain it yet.

  • Victorsoria60

    BO2 is coming out why would you unlock it now would have been useful when DLC for mw3 came out

  • GRAW95

    P20, Level 80. Clan level 49. Lots of gold weapons. I have it. However, none of my clanmates do yet, including those of similar stats.

    Who knows, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Truth__Absolute

    I got it. 10th Prestige Elite Founder. Don’t know why me and not others.

  • notknown

    i just checked my titles then went to create a class and it was there. I am 2nd lvl 80, 11 gold guns, non elite founder, clan lvl 1.

  • Fuhreena

    I don’t have it…

  • Fuhreena

    I just got it to show up. All I did was send classes from the elite website to my xbox and when I accepted them it was there. Hope this helps!

  • bboyexquisite

    are u all the leader of your clan?

  • P20, LVL80/Founder and I have it

  • Cindyknight9

    i got it randomly while i was playing dont know why lol

  • Legit

    People still play this Shit

    • Jatv

      Dude your mom is older and they still play her.

  • imgincarloandimgay

    i got it only 13th prestige lvl 75

  • 213Fb

    I’m leader level 26 clan and i have it. i also update the elite yesterday on my consel

  • Murtaza_zahidi

    I had that camo yesterday n i was like freaked out lol

  • Kill_Brose

    4th pres. level 5 // clan level 1

  • Corgame3

    Go to Elite. Click right button on your camouflage for your weapon. Click on Inspect Item(or element idk I forgot, it’s in the bottom) Erase your camo’s name and write Marine instead.

    • xLeon


    • Matt

      Works, so I assume you make one that says “Winter” for that winter camo in the picture above?

      • Guest

        No, winter was a founder exclusive camo for being a MW3 founder

      • Coleturner

        Winters been in the game since the game came out you have to be a elite founder i think its that or premium

    • Heavy_Fuel

      Didn’t work for me using Firefox on a PS3 Elite account.

  • AH, @ATVIAssist says, ”This is not a new camo, this is content Founders received. We are working to address the cause of this. ^MS”, so use it while you can…

  • Melon

    So they patch the glitch way to do it, then months later put it in the game FOR EVERYONE. So I have founder for…… an emblem….. a title……. and winter camo……

  • ViTaL C0D3R

    To get the new available marine camo legitly is to just edit one of your class in call of duty elite and sync it to ur xbox 360 or ps3.

  • Wentworth13

    You have to go into Elite and right click on the camo and then select inspect element. after that you go down to where it says your camo for example it will say “Autumn”…so you change that to “Marine”… then send that to your PS3 or Xbox and accept the changes and you should have it… im on 10th prestige

  • McNL clan

    Prestige once and you get both camo’s. If you get overkill pro those camo’s
    will show up on your secondary weapon.

  • Mobin Amanzai

    How to unlock MARINE camo in *Google Chrome*:
    1)Login to elite on the comuter, then go to MW3 custom classes
    2)Choose any one of your classes and edit them (go to the camouflage)
    3)Right-click on ‘classic’ camo, then select ‘Inspect Element’
    4)Change ‘classic’ into ‘marine’. There should be 3 of them.
    5)Then click ‘Select’ and SEND CHANGES TO GAME.
    6)Turn on console and go to MW3 Multiplayer.
    7)Go to custom classes and it should ask you to apply changes from ELITE.
    8)Now go to any gun (Gun level does NOT matter) and choose marine camo.
    9)Have fun with the NEW camo.

    • Mason238238

      No, inspect element doesn’t effect anything except for what it SAYS that you have, even if you send changes to game. Nice try though

    • VTM4

      i didnt have to do such a thing to get it

    • -.-

      Hahaha, very funny. NOT.

      • RTM

        I loged into the elite but how do u go to the mw3 custom classes

  • Jimmysaxbamf

    Messaged MW3 Support, all you have to do is get Overkill Pro.

    • Ed

      you don’t need pro. i unlocked overkill, and got it.

  • Mason238238

    I have marine on mine but not winter. And I JUST made this account. I’m level 13 no prestige and have it.

  • Sk8terboybigd

    I have tried the inspect element and everything and then today my friend got on and said that he had the winter camouflage so I started asking around and seeing if other people had it and they did so I was wondering why I don’t have it?!?!?!?!?!

  • Karan8patel

    i have and I am not premuim

    • Karan8patel

      meant I have it

  • Ludvig1995

    I have it on 2 users; 20th prestige lvl 80 premium user, 5 gold guns i have marine on every weapon ๐Ÿ™‚ 3rd prestige level 30 free member, no gold guns, i have marine on every weapon ๐Ÿ˜€

  • One Thing Wii Got Before The Other Systems

  • Wii Had First

  • TheHelpful!

    TWO NEW WAYS !!!

    1. Go to Elite, go to Clan HQ, go to “see clan roster” (or something along the lines), it will give you a error, go into the game and you should have it ! (Way I used)

    2. Delete all patches (Deletes all maps on ps3, i don’t know how you do it on xbox), re-download everything, and prestige (Way a friend told me how to)


  • Pro955

    Go to support and go to live chat give him it name and u well get it

    • Pro955

      Sry gife him ur name

  • Kyle_2333

    So lets wait till the new ones about to come out to unlock it.

  • Danaprice21

    Me either. I didn’t do anything, i just noticed it in my camos.

  • Lochlan Jones

    i think getting it is based on the dlc you have, i have it all and marine so yeh

  • KnifestSharp

    It unlocked for me right after I got all gold camo for my ARs and SMGs. I am prestige 20. I also have no life to speak of.

  • Anonymous

    Much of this article is incorrect. Marine has been unlocked to few players for a while, along with another camo “Winter,” though these two are only for founders of Elite. I’m not a founder, though I just randomly got the Marine camo.

    • That guy

      No marine has been out just on wii please shut up about it being for founders only


        i wish it could show up like u guys but it never did i never everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr got it D: ๐Ÿ™

  • PooPvToilet :D

    I prestiged as they said, but I got no camo! I have free elite. I just lost all my 11 gold guns >:/

  • Guest

    It’s been a while, so what’s the verdict? How exactly does one unlock this camo?

  • idk how i got this

  • Spodermen

    Wow i can’t believe some stupid XBox player cried to IW for this to not be Wii exclusive, Winter and Marine were the two only good things about MW3 on wii!