It appears yesterday was the “un-official” launch day for Black Ops 2 as it has now spilled onto the internet. As Gamespot and Eurogamer reported, there are now tons of unofficial videos and live streams on the web, some good and some bad. The game was leaked via pirates for Jtag Xbox’s and also several retail copies are appearing on Craigslist and eBay worldwide. The widespread leak even prompted a response from Treyarch’s Game Design director:

Just a remidner, the official launch is only a week away. It’s up to you on what you decide to watch. Personally, we’re doing our best to try and avoid any campaign or zombie footage as we want to experience it first hand on our TV screens, in fact we’ve already seen to much and regret it. However if you’re like us and seek out every multiplayer leak out there and cant wait to see some new maps, you’re in luck because there will be several official live streams coming soon:

Official Live Streams coming up:
Nov. 8th (Thursday) at 11am PST –IGN
Nov. 12th (Monday) at 2pm PST –Machinima

SOURCE: Gamespot and Eurogamer

  • Excited!

    im getting my BO2 this thursday, those leaked videos make me way more excited

    • Drift

      How in the hell are you getting it thursday?

      • Nejiseepersad

        midnight release… duh….

        • Someone

          Midnight release it Monday next week dumbass

          • Drift

            Neji you’re an idiot. Someone with a brain please answer.

        • Halowrath

          Dear god you are an idiot

        • this man is an idiotic child

          are you really that stupid?

  • JJ

    same here

  • Skksks

    Thursday?! WTF guys?

    • De_nylon_badmuts

      WTF indeed, my question now is…HOW ???

  • JuggerNaut

    pre-ordered Bo2 ,plus the cracked version fro xbox online for downlaod hahah lol

  • Claim

    lol n00bs i will get it the 13th

  • Crumeo

    If you guys want to see some multiplayer footage check out youtube user “Trezico” he has some good stuff. Get a good look at a few maps, the Orbital VSAT, dogs, swarm, and VTOL Warship.

    Dogs and swarm absolutely dominate, I can see a lot of rage quitting. At least high end killstreaks will be worthwhile

    • HEY Cowboy

      ??? There are no footage on this channel…

  • Klaniav
  • Halo4alltheway1337


    • Iluk Pavlovskiy

      all the way in your ass haha

    • Kamehameha5000

      Troll. Going on a black ops 2 vlog and posting a stupid comment? Wow. Get a life

    • xLeon

      Halo 4 sucks*

    • this man is an idiotic child

      quiet sad you are saying this on here please consider you know maybe getting some friends that actually care about your opinion?

    • Nick

      Halo Fans like you bring shame to the Halo Community.

    • you are an idiot



    i was first to tweet vondahaar and he joined the stream and was all pissy lol it was funny!

  • Soul Exist
  • Smart48

    Anyone got any gameplay links?

  • Bazoi

    Hey can anyone please link some of the new leaked multiplayer footage? Thanks.

  • Black ops 2 multiplayer gameplay MP7 on Standoff!

  • Jimir Reece Davis

    4 player split screen zombies confirmed! thank god

    • JJ

      thanks that is a REAL relief

  • JJ
  • herp derp

    The campaign was horrible…

  • Unboxingtechreveiwer

    How can i get the game?

  • IGLO92