The FOV (Field of View) feature, exclusive to the PC version of Black Ops 2, will be be capped at 80 due to “technical limitations” according to @PCDev on twitter:

When asked for a reason, he responded:

PC version of Black Ops 2 is feature packed and according to PCdev the best game they’ve ever made for the PC.

SOURCE: @pcdev

  • Anon

    80 fine for me, but I’m concerned about the incessant ranting coming from people who like 90

  • MW3isbetterthanBO2

    Just another reason why BO2 is going to fail…

    • Guest

      If mw3 is better than blops2 then that will be the end of the call of duty series for me

      • JuggerNaut

        You mad bro? 😀 Mw3 was a failure and still is a failure .

        • Guest

          Uhmm yeah, that’s why I said if mw3 was better than black ops2 than I would stop playing COD

    • Yanana

      MW3 had capped FoV at 65. How is that better?

  • Anon

    I’m pretty sure that cod 4 had a limit of 80 and so did blops 1