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Allure Eyewear has announced their new gaming glasses for Black Ops 2.

“Allure Eyewear and Activision are proud to introduce the first performance eyewear collection designed specifically to enhance the Call of Duty: Black Ops II experience.”

“The gaming eyewear collection is engineered with proprietary EXT High Contrast Copper Lenses designed to increase subtle game details, improve shooting accuracy and reduce distracting reflections and peripheral light.”

These glasses are available now to purchase and vary in price, starting at $29.99 and going as high as $84.99.

SOURCE: Allure Eyewear

  • 9410besi

    Looks very nice but how come not GUNNARS did it?

  • Drew

    Jesus, what’s next?! Call of Duty : Black Ops II official urine bottle! Piss and play like the pros! Enhance your game!

    • C0UNT IT

      I would at least try it.

    • Mccreaper19

      XD I love readin comments but seriously haven’t they had enough alredy dang those ad bills must be pileing up

  • Devin Wolfe



    I would buy them but I already have to wear glasses.
    2 pairs of glasses and headrest would be a little uncomfortable.