Activision announced today that the built-in Live Streaming Feature of Black Ops 2 will stream directly to YouTube directly from your Xbox or PlayStation 3 consoles.

Call of Duty Elite will take your viewing experience even further, letting users view the player card of the streamer and in a few clicks see their stats and more!

Elite will also enable fans to watch any live steams through the web, mobile and tablet apps of Elite.

This feature will be available on November 13th. Additional live stream destinations will be announced in the near future.

SOURCE: Activision Press Release

  • Mason

    And PC?

    • Zarky


    • RedmenNL


    • SivertOlsen

      Vonderhaar said that they would come back with more info regarding PC, since PC’s have different options like twitch, justin, ownd. And programs like Xsplit and Dxtory.

    • SivertOlsen

      Update from the Livestream from IGN. Vonderhaar said himself that livestream via Youtube will be available for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

  • AudienceMember

    No Capture Card needed? you can just turn the feature on and it stream to your own personal youtube account? or is there something im missing?

  • Blackops2tips

    You have to be partnered like me.

    • Lorhelm

      so you have to be partnered to have it stream to your youtube account? do you have to have a cap card?

      • mad?

        He’s lying. You don’t need a partnered account or a capture card. ELITE/BO 2 handles all this. Just have a YouTube account.

        • Lorhelm

          So you can make it post videos directly to youtube? without a cap card? just a youtube account and BO2? thats all you need?

          • Lolwut

            To me it sounds more like you stream live and live only. No capturing.

          • Lorhelm

            So no capturing? Live from the Game straight to your personal youtube channel? EPIC!!!!!! I love Black Ops 2 Even MORE!

        • ThePhilBoon

          The feature uses YouTube LIVE which is a partner only feature which still isn’t open to all partners currently. I wouldn’t be surprised if you had to be a partner to use it.

          There’s going to be a catch in it somewhere. They won’t give millions of people access to stream to YouTube.

          • mAd?

            You need 10 viewers on the YouTube stream. No catch.

          • Lorhelm

            really thats all you need? 10 viewers? or 10 subscribers?

  • David

    Hmm. Will I be able to make money off? If so, i’m VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY excited if no, I’m still excited because I can upload without buying expensive capture card!!!! btw will this feature be available to all the world?

  • Lex4302003


  • this feature will probably not be able to be used on a YouTube account that has a copyright strike on, will it?

  • Livestreaming is included in the #PC version of #BlackOps2

  • Jaakko Lehtonen

    Someone answer to me, what is that map in the picture above?

    • Piraveensiva3

      i think its raid

  • Black_Ops_2_INTEL

    I dont got Youtube partner and i can stream! I have a Elgato Game Capture HD (AWESOME)
    and these guys saying that you need Youtube LIVE is BULLSHIT! They said in some GTTV video i think that all you need is “The game, good internet connection (not super fast but pretty fast), a Youtube channel and an XBOX or PS3 to play Black Ops 2 on” They didnt say anything about PC but as you see in an other comment the PCDev said it will work on PC. So it’s FREE, it’s AWESOME and it’s going to be FCKING SUPER FUUUUN!
    (no i´m kidding i´m not activision i hope you all understand that! And go to GTTV’s website and look for that video i know it’s somewhere around there!)

  • CmmoEe

    And what do you know? This feature isn’t coming to the Wii U. Just a another reason why the Shitendo Wii U will suck. -___-

  • Devin Wolfe

    Would be nice to know if we could stream to our own youtube channels

    • Lorhelm

      I sure hope we can because if so then my dream has come true to post youtube videos of my gameplay (even though i believe i suck at cod)

  • Ghost

    guess what guys the feature is there but it sucks ass, you get 30mins at most before someone else steals your spot on the small shared network of streaming. i get about 5 mins into the game and i get my stream shutdown because the servers not big enough to handle the amount of players online streaming.