For the first time in Call of Duty history, multiplayer servers are scheduled to launch on Nov. 13th when the game releases. The main logical question should be, midnight on which timezone?

The first official launch should take place at midnight in Australia (or New Zealand). Which should be:

West Coast: 5am (PST) Monday
East Coast: 8am (EST) Monday
UK: 1pm (GMT) Monday

The only confirmation we received was “midnight Nov 13th” but we find it hard to believe they’ll turn on servers based on your timezone. There’s always a chance Treyarch can change their mind and launch just before midnight to test the system. Either way, this is the first time they’ve been turned on so close to launch. This could also be in response to the number of pre-sold copies floating around. With MW3, people were playing multiplayer 1-2 weeks prior to launch and stats were never reset. We’ll keep you posted if anything changes…

UPDATE: Treyarch has decided to flip the switch early! Multiplayer servers are now online for the lucky people that got the game early. This is the longest they’ve waited before turning on MP for a Call of Duty game. Good hunting..


SOURCE: Call of Duty Status Page

  • Corey

    Well hey, I’d rather them do this than refuse to reset ranks.

  • Daniel Sims

    Glad to hear. When I got MW3 at midnight (PST) the whole lobby I joined had already prestiged.

    • Gdawg



    A good move since there are a lot of players with the game already. I guess Treyarch wants to start everybody off on an even playing field.

    • Aaron86v

      Still kinda sucks that other countries will be playing the game about 12 hours ahead of time than people in America. But I guess that’s as even as you can get.

  • Nathan

    this worries me, i hope they don’t forget about Australia, since CI is only assuming they’ll be on in time…


    more then likely it will be like everything else that comes out from california.. it will be in Pacific time zone.. same as DLC, same as updates, same as news, trailers, etc.. could be wrong, been wrong once before..

  • Asdasdssd
  • Tozandchip

    I call BS, I reckon they’ll be on as usual by Saturday.

    • “As usual”? You do realize they were turned on for MW3 almost more than week prior..

      • Tozandchip

        Actually no I didn’t, though there were people playing MW3 with ripped copied games before saturday. I meant that I get the game on the Saturday before release every year and the servers are always on. I’m pretty sure they’ll be on way before midnight Australian time, they’ll need to know everything is working.

      • Crumeo

        Victor, you need to pull some strings and get these servers accessible.

      • Fading Lee

        hey Victor this is a legit emblem creator video not spam I promise (http://youtu.be/iDqUXU6a8Q0) reposted from SuperiorClan.com 😛 figured I’d let a admin know so you could repost it if you want 🙂

  • funkyw0rm

    Is David Vonderhaar on then ?

    • CobraG7

      yup, he’s the Multiplayer Director so of course he is. they are doing it on a whitelisted GamerTag/ PSN ID basis before launch.

  • So we can play at 1300 UK time on monday? Is that right?

    • Tozandchip

      Nothing has been announced, just people assuming/guessing.

  • Zarky

    Good, this is fair. Server’s going up before release is not fair!

  • Crumeo

    I got my copy last night, and I can confirm “servers unavailable”. Total BS, combat training is garbage.

    • Tozandchip

      Usually don’t get switched on until the Saturday before so they can check it’s all up and running ok.

    • Daniel Sims

      Total BS? Thats what you get for buying a game early.

      • Crumeo

        dont be jelly

    • Ed

      so, wait a couple days. jeez.

      • Tozandchip

        Jealous much?

      • Scrags23

        Yeah, you fucking idiot. Since you scumbagged out to get a copy early, you should have to wait for the rest of the people buying it. Douchebag.

    • jgouge

      Yeah, man. Calm down. You got the game before it’s supposed to be out. You aren’t entitled to anything.

  • Cormac

    Does no-one realise it says “offline in preparation”? Clearly it’ll be up before launch. How long, however, is anyone’s guess. I highly doubt it’ll be midnight in the timezone where the game is first released.

    • Tozandchip

      Exactly, it’s just scaremongery

    • Thats exactly what our article says. “Official” word is on launch, but I saw it’ll be before…

  • ItsxF

    Hi, i’m french and in France, there’s a store called “Micromania” who propose to buy Black Ops II the Monday 12th at 8:00 PM. I don’t know if the multiplayer servers will be activated or not, but i think it’s a good intel for you.

  • il-Bubli

    if you change the language on the black ops status server to french, italian … there are countries with defcon 5… any ideas??

    • Crumeo

      No idea what it actually means, but Defcon 5 is a lower state of military readiness than Defcon 1, so I dont think you are in better shape.

  • Matt

    In Spanish the servers are online..

  • Matt
  • OllieG398

    I’d expect a few server crashes then…

  • Ubuntuaddicted

    Good riddens! I always thought it was BS where people were 2 & 3 prestige before the game even came out. This is the “fair” way to do MP.

  • David Long

    hopefully the just ban everyone that is online

    • Tozandchip

      They can’t unless you’re playing with a pirated copy.

  • Tozandchip

    Defcon 3, wohoooo:


  • I hope they reset everyone’s stats on the 12th at 11:59PM

    • Tozandchip

      They haven’t in previous years, though it has been threatened before.

  • Daniel Sims

    Does David Vahn suffer from bi-polar disease? When a company and especially a developer say’s that they aren’t going to do something they need to honor their word which now means nothing. Players who wait for the proper release date are once again suffering.

  • Yawnthesnake

    Hey I’m from New Zealand and we are the first in the world to see the sun rise so we are ahead of Australia just thought I would let you know … A lot of people here take it offensively when we are confused with Australia (our arch enemies) its like confusing Americans and Canadians. But anyway you learned something for the future.

    I hope they don’t decide to re set the servers after they put them on as we usually get the game around 18 hours before America and that’s the best part of going to the midnight releases here ,We are pretty much gauranteed good connection for that initial 18 hour period before America gets it because its usually just us and Australia playing and It would be quite disappointing finding out the time spent up all night was reset.

    Anyway maybe you should put New zealand and (Australia) in brackets considering we are the first to get it on release day 🙂

    Thanks for the update by the way hope this comment didn’t offend anyone.

  • VEX

    how to play bo2 online ??