Looks like Black Ops 2 will feature some type of exclusive “ELiTE weapon Camo” according to these photo from @SpoiledCrayons. What’s interesting to note is that the Camos are listed under the “DLC” tab. Still no word on how they unlock. The photos were taken from the retail version of the game and MP servers still haven’t launched yet according to Stephen. He did mention that Black Ops 2 received some type of update (26MB) this morning though..



SOURCE: @SpoiledCrayons

  • Roxas3510

    I expected more from the CE camo, wish they would put more effort into making it a camo that I’d want to use more than any of the other ones on the disc. Just like Winter camo, I probably won’t be using this one either.

    • Argy

      I’m hoping that if this is Legit that it means if you buy Map Packs then they’ll also give more stuff than maps maybe? And maybe not guns, but camo is a decent extra if it means same number of maps but more stuff in general.

  • potato

    dont we all get elite so this comes with the game

    • Argy

      Some think it was for the founders/premium members… all of which got extensions on their MW3 stuff.

  • That has to be the best looking CoD camo to date.

  • Joseph

    i think they’re the camos you get from hardened/care package edition

    • You’re probably right

    • Aswinney229

      CE digital stands for Collectors Edition I do believe. As for the Elite Member camo maybe thats for former founders? or maybe its even just for people who have elite in general.

      • Argy

        Knowing Elite, they’ll probably make stuff for current members as well as founders/premium **past** members… they like handing out stuff like that.

  • Daniel Sims

    That kinda makes me regret my decision to buy the Care Package…. Nuketown zombies better be VERY good.

  • moi

    no fair, cant have elite on the pc 🙁

  • Ed

    isn’t everybody on xbox and ps3 considered an elite member for bops2?

    • CobraG7

      no, you have to sign up on elite.callofduty.com first.

  • Revisawesome

    Camos for former Elite premium/founder? 🙁

    • xLeon

      Founders deserves the camos as they paid for elite before

      • Revisawesome

        Deffinitely agree, I’m a founder and I’ll deffinitely be pissed if they didn’t give out special camos

        • Argy

          You got a special emblem instead… I mean it kinda sucked major but at least you got something… right?

          In all agreeance, I agree. I wish they would add more stuff, like sights for the red-dot or worthless attachments like something that makes your gun taunt you (though that might be too close to Borderlands 2)… you know, the important stuff..

          • Revisawesome

            It would be awesome if they put Pink camo. In homefront, the sole purpose of that camo is to taunt people 😛

            And yeah, an emblem and a camo isn’t enough for Founders :/

  • absolutecobblers

    Don’t worry if you don’t like these, you’ll love the Diamond camo.


    wow that CE camo is garbage. could just be the gun but dam im disappointed . although the ELITE camo is pre badass, looks like autumn camo ! hopefully its for former founders.

  • Blackops_2_is_AWESOME

    It’s from the carepackage edition or hardened! David Vonderhaar said something about a CAMO you get that looks like the carepackage skin! So i think thats what it is! GO to youtube.com then search for something like “Black Ops 2 Carepackage” then look for a video that is with David and some1 else! 3 days to left!

  • wisher

    dont understand:( A single member of elite will have these camos or not ?? (wish yess)

  • asiakid2130

    Hey I got this Elite camo and I dont know what it mean? Can someone help me out with this???????????????