A Reddit user (via MP1st) has posted the entire Black Ops 2 multiplayer unlock progression. This is the order of what you will get at certain levels for leveling up:

Level 4

  • MTAR (AR)
  • Type 25 (AR)
  • SWAT-556 (AR)
  • MP7 (SMG)
  • PDW-57 (SMG)
  • MK48 (LMG)
  • R870 MCS (Shotgun)
  • Saiga 12 (Shotgun)
  • SVU-AS (Sniper)
  • DSR-50 (Sniper)
  • Five-Seven (Pistol)
  • TAC-45 (Pistol)
  • SMAW (Launcher)
  • FHJ-18 AA (Launcher)
  • Lightweight (Perk 1)
  • Hardline (Perk 1)
  • Toughness (Perk 2)
  • Cold Blooded (Perk 2)
  • Dexterity (Perk 3)
  • Extreme Conditioning (Perk 3)
  • Perk 1 Greed (Wildcard)
  • Grenade (Lethal)
  • Semtex (Lethal)
  • Concussion Grenade (Tactical)
  • Smoke Grenade (Tactical)

See the full unlock list after the break!


Level 5

  • Blind Eye (Perk 1)

Level 6

  • Sensor Grenade (Tactical)

Level 7

Scorestreaks unlocked, this entire tier is streaks

  • UAV
  • Hunter Killer
  • Care Package
  • Lightning Strike
  • Dragonfire
  • VTOL Warship

Level 8

  • Fast Hands (Perk 2)

Level 9

  • Sentry Gun (Streak)

Level 10

  • Perk 2 Greed (Wildcard)

Level 11

  • EMP Grenade (Tactical)

Level 12

  • Lodestar (Streak)

Level 13

  • LSAT (LMG)
  • Perk 3 Greed (Wildcard)

Level 14

  • Engineering (Perk 3)

Level 15

  • Guardian (Streak)

Level 16

  • Vector (SMG)

Level 17

  • Combat Axe (Lethal)

Level 18

  • Overkill (Wildcard)
  • RC-XD (Streak)

Level 19

  • B23R (Pistol)
  • Secondary Gunfighter (Wildcard)

Level 20

  • Tactical Mask (Perk 3)

Level 21

  • Stealth Chopper (Streak)

Level 22

  • FAL (AR)
  • Primary Gunfighter (Wildcard)

Level 23

  • Shock Charge (Tactical)

Level 24

  • Hellstorm Missile (Streak)

Level 25

  • Crossbow (Special)
  • Tactician (Wildcard)
  • Black Hat PDA (Tactical)

Level 26

  • Hard Wired (Perk 2)

Level 27

  • AGR Drone (Streak)

Level 28

  • MSMC (SMG)
  • Danger Close (Wildcard)
  • Bouncing Betty (Lethal)

Level 29

  • Flashbang Grenade (Tactical)

Level 30

  • Warthog (Streak)

Level 31

  • M27 (AR)
  • Executioner (Pistol)

Level 32

  • Flak Jacket (Perk 1)

Level 33

  • Counter-UAV (Streak)

Level 34

  • KSG (Shotgun)
  • Assault Shield (Special)

Level 35

  • Trophy System (Tactical)

Level 36

  • Death Machine (Streak)

Level 37

  • Chicom CQB (SMG)
  • HAMR (LMG)

Level 38

  • Dead Silence (Perk 3)

Level 39

  • EMP Systems (Streak)

Level 40

  • SCAR (AR)
  • RPG-7 (Launcher)

Level 41

  • C4 (Lethal)

Level 42

  • Orbital VSAT (Streak)

Level 43

  • Ballista (Sniper)
  • KAP-40 (Pistol)

Level 44

  • Scavenger (Perk 2)

Level 45

  • War Machine (Streak)

Level 46

  • SMR (AR)
  • Skorpion EVO II (SMG)

Level 47

  • Tactical Insertion (Tactical)

Level 48

  • Escort Drone (Streak)

Level 49

  • M8A1 (AR)
  • Ballistic Knife (Special)

Level 50

  • Awareness (Perk 3)

Level 51

  • K-9 Unit (Streak)

Level 52

  • M1216 (Shotgun)
  • XPR-50 (Sniper)

Level 53

  • Claymore (Lethal)

Level 54

  • Swarm (Streak)

Level 55

  • AN-94 (AR)
  • Ghost (Perk 1)


SOURCE:Β MP1stΒ viaΒ Reddit

  • Ghost level 55 LOL

    • GENIUS

      Thanks G-D #InVahnWeTrust

    • Alex Davis

      Treyarch > Infinity Ward at this point. they’re making all the right moves imo.

      • Jgspinelli

        OVERPOWERED GHOST/ASSASSIN: lvl 20 hahahahahahaha

        The most weak ghost ever made: lvl 55…


        • Lgalea2001

          My guess is because being taken off the UAV at all is something deserving of a high level

          • kingy

            better, if u cemp with ghost you will be detected by UAV.It’s the only condition.

          • ninja_bomber222

            That’s why he’s mad about it! He can’t camp, and he can’t use it early.

          • David

            I know it would be right in a high level, but not in 55. Would’ve been better like between 45-50.

          • XxIkiller551

            wouldn’t make much of difference. This game have just lost my interest since I was always using this perk of all the rest….. BF 3 HEAR I COME!!

          • Omega_archon

            ur not fully off uav dumbass read the perk moron before u comment u stop moving uav picks u up black ops 2 is fucking gay worse cod yet

          • torey

            you sound like someone who has absolutely no life

    • Elektrobanq

      They make it seem like that the Ghost perk is a really good deal, but the new Ghost is very weak. How about beefing it up a little? For example, if you have Ghost on and you are using a sniper, then there is no vapor trail from the bullet. Or maybe make one invisible to hunter killer drones?

    • Argy

      Just remember that it is now the weakest iteration in the entire franchise (MW1’s UAV Jammer was stronger, actually) and that it only counters 1 low-score pointstreak some of the time and nothing else. The full description of the perk (as shown by DV on his twitter) is “Cannot be detected by enemy UAVs while moving, planting or defusing bombs, or while controlling Scorestreaks”

  • NucleaRapE

    damn there is no secrets when it comes to multiplayer…at what point is it too much information…we know everything

    • duh

      the stop reading everything..

  • I<3B02


  • God damn, the M8A1 is easily the best gun in the game in the Assault rifle category from what I played already. I guess I’ll be going with the Type 25 and the Swat 556 until then…

  • OMG!! Thank You Treyacrh Ghost Is The Last Perk.

    • StalkerDellaNote

      You must be retarded.. ghost isn’t as all powerful anymore.. invisible to only UAV while moving “Woah there bro, thank god that’s the last unlock, that’s wayyyy too impossible to counter”

      • Argy

        Not to mention it only counters 1 killstreak… and it counters that 1 killstreak only some of the time. I actually think Treyarch underpowered it this time for a lvl 55 unlock.

        • XxIkiller551

          YOU THINK?

    • XxIkiller551

      take those words and shove them up were the sun don’t shine ASSHOLE!

  • Medibee

    AN-94 at 55? Shit.

  • Sadat Kasaija

    see i don’t like it when they dictate when you should get something because by the time i get to max level i’m going to prestige so i don’t get to use this later stuff!

    • Mayoman223

      Yeah but you can carry 1 thing over to the next prestige

      • Sadat Kasaija

        ya i just remembered that haha…

        • Argy

          You still have to reach that level to unlock it if I remember hearing correctly from DV. So you carry them over without needing to use a token, but still need to reach the level or something. IDK, it’s all very poorly explained.

      • XxIkiller551

        hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh Goad

  • brendan713

    Ghost at 55 πŸ˜€

  • Ya Bau5 Bro

    why is the an94 at lvl55? from what ive seen its not worthy of it. ghost on the other hand is

    • Argy

      Ghost isn’t as strong in this game. Exact quote is “Cannot be detected by enemy UAVs while moving, planting or defusing bombs, or while controlling Scorestreaks” which means it is less effective than the UAV jammer in MW1.

  • 4Aminute

    servers are up and running

  • Nathan

    this is brilliant, all the best stuff is unlocked in the later levels, this is how it should be. inb4 everyone spends their token on ghost… me personally, either scavenger or the m8, that gun looks bad ass!

  • De_nylon_badmuts

    So if I reach level 28 and select the msmc with one of the unluck tokens I earned then later I prestige I lose that gun untill I reach level 28 again but will it cost me a unluck token again or is it then released for “free” ???

    • Argy

      Currently this is the most confusing point that DV has made.

      If I had to guess, there are 99 unlocks shown here. When you unlock the custom class maker you will be given one of each gun, perk, and grenade [11 total] (did not include launchers or the wildcard) and later 3 score streaks. That leaves 85 items left over and a total of 55 levels. After subtracting 1 unlock token for each level, you have 30 left over. There are also 5 possible custom class unlocks and (if MW3 showed us anything last time) there are probably special prestige-only bonuses available as well.

      My guess is every prestige gives 3-4 “prestige tokens” to be spent on either permanent unlocks (still have to level-up to gain access though), custom classes, other prestige bonuses. Of course, all of that is speculation.

      • De_nylon_badmuts

        I think the extra custom classes and permanent weapon unlock option is done the same way as in mw3 with a token only gotten by prestige, 1 for every prestige.

        They way I hope it works is that an item unlocked by a level token is permanent but you lose that item if you prestige untill you reach that level again, so all items can be unlocked in 2 or 3 prestiges maybe, from then you can continue to get the special prestige bonuses or stop if you not care for them

        • Argy

          Its hard to say until tomorrow when someone actually prestiges, but if they do it the way you are talking about then I could see them easily making attachments unlocks as well. Maybe even camos and reticles. If they did that, then it would be that once you unlock it for one gun, you unlock it for all the guns. Again, hard to say.

          Update: My thoughts behind the other things require tokens comes from when they said “-There are more than 100 things to unlock so you cannot unlock everything in one prestige.” but there are only 100 items on this list, which leads me to believe that all except 2 of the attachments have to be unlocked as well.
          Why two attachments would be available: 1pt main weapon, 1pt secondary, 3pts perks, 1pt lethal, 2pts tactical = 8pts. If I had to guess, I’d say they give the reflexive attachment for free…

  • JONvincible

    Awesome post! I think Flak Jacket may be my first permanent unlock after prestiging. And thank goodness they made the AA launcher unlock at level 4. Those first 30 levels without it were the toughest in Blops for me.

  • LOL @ ghost lvl 55 XD

  • troller

    what m8a1 level 49 πŸ™




    • Gest

      its true I SAW IT

  • a dude

    so if i prestige, what happens to all my unlocks, including perks, guns, scorestreaks and challenges? do i have to start over?

    • Iluk Pavlovskiy

      u start over but weapon lvl and challanges dont reset so you can prestige peacefully:)

    • Argy

      A little bit confusing here, but everything locks back up and you have to re-level to gain access to it. However, you will not be required to use a token on some of the items. Not exactly sure how this works and has been explained very poorly every time.







  • Chris Ilott

    So glad ghost is last level!!!

    • Argy

      Ghost isn’t the same as the Black Ops 1 and it is the least powerful iteration yet (including MW1’s version called UAV jammer). Overall it’s actually a rather weak unlock for lvl 55.

  • wiinay

    why ghost lvl 55 now you cant even rush without a noob looking at the mini map en wait ads for you to come around the corner i mean come on man this really sucks

    • Argy

      In defense, they have 2 launchers at level 4 and ghost only gets rid of UAVs. So really, it’s a weak perk now anyway.

  • StalkerDellaNote

    I’m sooo glad you decided to unlock op’d guns early.. you guys are so cool.. i bet this is based on feedback from little girls that saw the no recoil on the type 25 & MTAR, your whole unlock system is backwards.. this is the one thing i’m disappointed in.. the one thing that’s gonna make me hate your game Treyarch

    • Argy

      Usually the try and make the easier to use, but less interesting/powerful/skillful guns at the beginning. This way new players can pick it up and enjoy the unlock system’s ease while older players can work on mastering the harder stuff.

  • Jgspinelli

    Ghost 55?


  • Msimmons0113

    Just another reason people will not prestige;( They try to get people to prestige then they put ghost at the end. FAIL!!!

    • Iluk Pavlovskiy

      nope ppl need to prestige or they dont unlock every thing!

  • If you really need ghost, theres the Operative default class. Equipped with the Skorpion Evo III, cold blooded, ghost and dead silence.

    • Argy

      I think people are more upset with the fact that the create-a-class system is so screwed up this time around that there is a perk unlocked in the very last level. Normally all perks are unlocked before the last 10 levels or so which allows time for people to play with them and see what they like.



    • Argy

      Ghost is weak now. It counters exactly 1 killstreak and nothing else. In other words, for a lvl 55 unlock it’s really weak.

  • So they nerf Ghost then make it one of the last things unlocked?

  • Dan.

    fuuuuck! i gotta do so much work to just get my KSG !! >.<

    • Argy

      KSG works differently in this game. 1 Slug and need to ADS. Basically it’s a sniper-shotgun now (as described by DV)

  • Richtofen’s Awesome
  • FRENZi

    Now all those campers have to wait ’till 55 to camp hard. Nice job treyarch.

    • Argy

      If you camp with it, Ghost doesn’t work. The description of Ghost is “Cannot be detected by enemy UAVs while moving, planting or defusing bombs, or while controlling Scorestreaks”

    • XxIkiller551

      Fuck you fucking hard donky!

  • Kamehameha5000

    MTAR available from the very beginning? πŸ˜€

  • Niclas

    I Think it is few guns like there is 9 ar, 6 smg, 4 shotguns, snipers and lmgs, 5 pistoles and 3 launchers and special

  • Jehanzebali1

    No details for the emblem editor πŸ™

    • Argy

      There has been a lot of news about it though. Lots more levels, the ability to create transparent images, you can save “up to 3 different emblems” and you can collapse the layers. More colors plus all colors. Basically, expect what you got last time but bigger, way bigger.

  • dsf

    so i can get everything in one prestige? LOL

    • Argy

      Unknown exactly the specifics on how it works, but there could be more stuff to unlock besides just the things shown here. For instance, weapon attachments, camos, and reticles.

  • wiinay

    i know where i will be spending my token on (underpowerd Ghost lvl55)

  • buster

    WHAT?? you unlock all these things at level 4??? crazy

    • Argy

      Think about it, you have 10 things to pick and you need variety. So to give variety when you unlock create-a-class they give you a bunch of stuff to start with.

  • Valtteri Saarikko

    AN-94 Is unlocked at level 55 that kinda sucks


    FUCK! AN-94 AT LEVEL 55

  • RAWTalentKOGK

    M8A1 is like the best ar to me…. but I’m going to have to use the type almost the whole 1st prestige

  • Someone

    Damn it it better be easy to level up

    • Argy

      According to David Vonderhaar, leveling-up will be much like the first game, but faster since there are now more challenges.

  • Jaakko Lehtonen

    Do I have 1 prestigetoken when I start the game?

    • Argy

      Currently unknown.

  • ZipEmUp

    I thought you had to prestige to unlock more stuff (somebody please respond)

    • Argy

      Yes, to “level token” unlock everything you have to prestige. However, when you prestige everything becomes level-gated again, so you cannot just start with something unlocked at level 55. Supposedly there will be “prestige tokens” again for permanently unlocking items like in MW3 but that is unconfirmed.

  • DiVo

    That’s unbelievable that treyarch has totally destroyed ghost. I love all your games, and give you guys much respect, but come on, that is ridiculous that you must be level 55 to unlock ghost, and its not even that powerful….. How does that make sense. Please there better be tokens or something to unlock stuff forever, cause ghost will be my first choice.

    • there are tokens to unlock stuff forever

  • Argy

    Engineer at level 14, Black Hat PDA at level 25. Why is this interesting to note? Because DV said you can hack stuff through walls with the PDA and they give you the tools to see through the walls. Interesting combo and early on (overall)

  • SwiftfoxGaming

    Im so glad that corner-camping noobs will finally have to play a CoD game like the rest of us. Ghost at lvl. 55? It will be worth every second of the wait.

  • Bazorg

    did u guys forget if u unlocked an item it doesnt mean u will get it u need to a token every time u level up u cant have every thing unlocked only on 10th or master prestige u will get every thing unlocked

  • Sergiomiguel200

    Ghost and the flak jacket are the must powerful perks thats normal πŸ˜€

  • Lorhelm

    I want the M8A1 so bad…but its sooo high :(( well i will keep it unlocked for future prestige levels πŸ™‚ maybe keep the Revolver for a mostly use me blade class πŸ™‚

  • DiGit Oxygen

    thank god ghost level 55

  • danny

    When you prestige you can unlock Ghost or not?

  • XxIkiller551

    Fuck this shit, why Ghost has been put in the last lvl I will not prestige no more asshols!



  • Rick

    I need a bit of advice. None of my challenges seem to be registering, for example, when I read my stats on Elite, it shows I have multiple headshots with the MTAR yet none of them are registering on the MTAR camo challenges. Is there any reason for this? These where done in Bootcamp mode so do they not count until I go into public matches? I’ve tried to contact Activision through Elite but it’s been days without reply. Any advice would be great.

  • Michael Homem

    When do you get boot camp in combat training I’m level 43 and I don’t have it pls tell

  • Iliffchris

    Calling card precision master; earn all precision unlocks I have 9/21 what is a precision unlock?

  • person

    Level 39 but at this rate ill be level 55 tommorow

  • person

    Yah i guess its a little to get from 1 to 55 but i do the world leage

  • person

    If you do the world leage you get all the weapons and equipment but only for the leage

  • brenden

    Im levela 43 but what does the ghost perk DO does it like make you invisible and what does the gold camo do to your gun does it icrease your accuracy?

    • Presample

      Ghost only works when moving and only blocks UAVs

  • Munt

    Question: Who knows how to unlock the Boot Camp Graduate and Humiliation calling cards?

  • tomas

    if i use a permenant token on the m8a1 next tim i prestige and i use it on something else will i still have the m8a1

  • Trent Walker

    Ghost is at lvl 56