Just in time for the launch of Black Ops 2, the Xbox Live Marketplace received a few goodies to dress up your avatar with. Make sure you’re following us on Twitter where we plan on dropping a few codes soon! You can access the marketplace HERE if you’re away from your Xbox.

400 MS Points- Zombie Outfit 1
400 MS Points- Special Forces 1
400 MS Points- American Special Agent


SOURCE: Xbox LIVE Marketplace

  • Rwerew

    they try it every year

  • C0UNT IT

    The monkey bomb is pretty cool.

  • Love_the_zombiezzz

    Zombie skin and monkey bomb… YEAAAH

  • Fading Lee

    this is a legit emblem creator video not spam I promise (http://youtu.be/iDqUXU6a8Q0) reposted from $uperior Clan 😛