I left the Black Ops 2 LIVE event early on Saturday to make time before my train home and headed over to HMV in Oxford Street to say hi and show some CoD community support to Taylor (@AudioRecovered). Taylor is the first person in the world to get in the queue for a midnight launch of Black Ops 2 and in doing so has fast become a bit of a celebrity. What started with a Tweet from HMV with a photo of him on Wednesday snowballed, and since then he’s been featured in various publications all round the world.

Both Activision and Hmv have been looking after Taylor since he arrived, Hmv have given him access to the store for personal needs as well as supplying breakfast and hot drinks. Just as I was travelling over to Oxford street I checked Taylor’s twitter account and saw he was waiting on another care package from Activison with fried chicken. What was really heart warming too was the amount of support the CoD community have shown him, from words of encouragement to people bringing him stuff he needed or just tweeting to see if he needed anything.


Taylor told me he’d had loads of people come by and offer support, including The Walking Dead and BlackOps2 star Michael Rooker who was over here for the #Blackops2Live event. I am sure like many people who came by, the first thing I noticed about Taylor was he is genuinely a really nice guy and secondly after chatting to him for a while that he had really planned things out. He had portable power packs for his tablet, seasons of TV shows to watch and had even bought some of his university homework with him. Take note kids, education & gaming…

After chatting for a while @Laurahmv arrived with another cup of hot chocolate for him, and Taylor told us about how his tent had leaked in the rain the night before and gotten his sleeping bag wet. Which he was then trying to dry out on the pavement. It highlighted just how tough it must be for Taylor to be camping out for days waiting for the Midnight release, especially in London this time of year with exceptionally cold nights and rain. My props go out to him for this endeavour.

Tonight is his last night sleeping outside, I’m sure tomorrow will make the entire time worthwhile as he reaps the rewards that all gamers know you get for being that first in line at a launch event. If you are in London try to stop by and offer some support or send him a tweet on twitter.


  • dsf

    If i was from the UK i would but an early copy and go to him and just troll him haha

  • Black_Ops_2_is_BEAST

    This guy is a CHAMP! Too bad i am in SWEDEN and i am camping outside the game store called “GAME” from thursday to sunday (today) we get the game on monday! ZOOMBBIEEEEZZZ

  • DavidP

    Good for him, with all the negativity the franchise gets I’m glad to see that there are still fans out there who supports the franchise this much.

    • incubusman421

      The negativity only comes from a few die hard haters on YouTube… the majority of people don’t even watch gaming on YT that much and they have fun with the game regardless. A lot of the commentators don’t even pay attention to the campaign or other game modes, they are only interested in the MP because that’s where they get their youtube $$$. Call of Duty commentators are to blame for the negativity, [/rant].

  • Fsf

    Not as bad as Triforce Johnson

  • incubusman421

    This is really sad… There are campers in Black Ops II before the MP servers are even connected! At least we didn’t see any corner campers here… they are the worst! lmao

  • Glongisland

    I hate campers-,-

  • moriarty_1975

    Is there anyone actually 2nd in line?

  • Stevetaylor1981

    US British know how to cue!!!

  • Me>Hackers

    For once i’m glad there’s campers for CoD

  • ballkicker

    is he still down there so i can go and kick him in the balls

  • Dajohnson371

    What a noob. I am already Level 45 in Multiplayer and this guy sits in a tent in the rainy streeets of London like a hobo and he really thinks he is the “first” to play the game…

  • guest

    who cares if your first in line. i watched my local gamestop move about 300 to 400 ppl in and out of the store in less than 30min. way to waste 3 days of your life waiting on a video game. its nice to see this loser has his priorities in order.

  • JamehJam

    campers…the first of many

  • What a lucky duck, meeting Michael Rooker

  • Soul Exist

    I already have the game lmao XD

  • Soul Exist

    I already have the game and its fun. http://www.youtube.com/SoulExists
    is my youtube channel

  • GreedyGreedy

    Poor lad. Haha I practically got the game from a game store on a local shopping plaza here in the UAE. I just went in, shelved out 60 bucks. got the game, went home, played till im level 30+, simple.

  • Mike Mikeson

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  • 15jahabeck

    This guy’s stupid